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Shipton School group probably about 1930/31. Bridget Forest's father, Jim Townsend is the last boy standing on the right
Combine harvesting at Court Farm Shipton. Robert Barrett with Anthony Linfield 1961-1962
United Woodworking Company Workforce in about 1936 Taken in front of the polishing shop. Back row from left:Ernie Belcher (Lyneham), Cyril Lainchbury, Victor Brooks, Don Pittaway, Horace Pittaway, Alf Carpenter Middle row from left: Jim Slatter, Sid Harvey, Phyllis Longshaw (nee Siford), Dan Wiggins, Alf Smith, Harry Coombes, Jaybee Broom, Laurie Pittaway, Francis Dix, Sid Tierney (Church Street), Norman Cooper Front row from left: Albert Longshaw (first husband of Phyllis Sifor), Charlie Norgrove
United Woodworking Co's Station Road Shipton Workshop probably in the early 1930s and taken looking towards the end of the making shop. The man front left is Charlie Norgrove. The man facing away from the camera second on the right is Jaybee Broom. On his left is Jim Slatter and on the extreme right is Sid Tierney.
George Bradley's lorry registration number UD4346 shown alongside his brother's garage in Station Road Shipton
Two cottages on the Eastern side of Station Road Shipton. One is the former home of R.W.N. Goss, one time secretary at F.W.P.Matthews Mill. Called Falklands because of his connection with the Goss of the Falklands islands. Built by Matthews for their staff. No sign of Station Road Garage or the Till Yard. Probably taken around 1920
Averys general store Shipton estimated early 1930s., The man on the left is believed to be Percy Avery
View from the ball on top of the church spire taken by J Wells of Burford on June 27th 1893
Lane House Farm House, Milton Road, Shipton under Wychwood. Date: c. 1947 (See also Sue Jourdan's photos October 1999)
The Green, Shipton under Wychwood, in the snow. The Crown sign is on the left and Church Street on the right. Date: 1900s
The Green, showing allotments bordered by a wall. A man working up the telegraph pole. There is no seat around the tree at this date. Also photo taken pre-metal plates on the Cospatrick Memorial. Water coming out of fountain Date: c. late 1920s. Photo from a postcard
High Street Shipton under Wychwood: looking north by The Green. Details include Cucknell's butcher's van on the left; the Banbury bus; 'Topsy' Coombes on the footpath. There's possibly an electrical supply pole behind the bus. There is no seat around the tree. Date: c.1930
Stock Sale at The Crown, Shipton under Wychwood. Stock sales were held monthly on land belonging to The Crown Inn; now the site of the Wychwood Bowls Club. (See newspaper articles (ELW0121) for sales details.
Man on cycle in Shipton, Date unknown. Looking towards Milton.House is Wychwood
Franklin family with donkey cart - Whitsun Monday. The two boys in front of the vehicle were Sydney and Alex, who were both killed in World War One. Date: 1901
Mr Costiff who was the postman who carried mail from Chipping Norton to Shipton under Wychwood. Date: 1890-1900
The Red Horse Inn and junction with Milton Road about 1900
St Michael's College Shipton under Wychwood
St Michael's College, Shipton under Wychwood 1902
Shipton band congregating probably on Shipton Club Day on Church Street. Taken before the Shipton Post Office was refurbished in 1908. Gas Lane in the background. See also Wychwoods Album Online
Shipton Post Office after refurbishment in 1908. Note damage to front right of neighbouring house where rendering has been removed. See also Wychwoods Album Online
The opening of the Beaconsfield Hall Shipton in 1885. Proceedings were enlivened by the music of the Shipton Brass Band under the leadership of Mr Thomas Alder
Sbipton Post Office about 1909. Note poster reads Lloyd George scuttles the ship - Damage to neighbouring house caused by refurbishment has been repaired
The staff at Shipton Court about 1905. The bearded man in the centre is Mr Coombes the Head Carpenter. His son Harry (later Chairman of Shipton PC and head of the largest Tillyard) is holding the plane on the left. The boy with the pickaxe is Harry's younger brother
Children at the top of Chapel Lane Shipton around 1900. The building at the right were cowmen's cottages. Doreen Barnes was born there. They were later knocked together and refurbished to form The Spout, residence of John and Margaret Hartley. Note the thatched house down the lane
Prebendal farm Shipton about 1900
Shipton bellringers about 1910. Harry Coombes on left back row. His second cousine, Ted Coombes is fourth from the left. He and Harry founded and ran United Woodworking, the largest of the tillyard operations in Shipton. Alf Miles is on Ted Coombes' left and his brother Harry Miles is front right. The bell captain is the blacksmith, George Bartlett who rang the bell for 50 years. He lived next to the Post Office in Church Street
Diamond Jubilee of Shipton Baptist Chapel on September 24 1921
Shipton bellringers about 1930. Front left Dorothy Clifford, George Bartlett and Margaret Hartley (later Strong). In the back row on the left is Dorothy Bartlett and next to her, Risby Coombes. The next two people are unidentified but at the right end of the back row are Lonnie Coombes and Percy Avery. In the front from the left are Dorothy Clifford, George Bartlett and Margaret Hartley (later Margaret Strong after she married
Wychwood Bowls Club about 1932 Back row left to right - G Carpenter, H Crabtree, E Pearce, F J Franklin, J Watson, T Dangerfield, E Miles Middle row - R Burgess, G G Horne, Rev E C Freeman, J H Turner, Dr E E W Roe, C E Davies, F Southam Front row - C Duester, J Kethero, A Pearce, K Miles - Front row - C Due
Hathaway's shop High Street Shipton 1930s. Originally Dees stores, the shop was built in 1919 when Mr Dee moved from his premises opposite Shipton Lodge. The drapery section was upstairs with the groceries below. Deliveris were made to surrounding villages by Stanley Gorton seen here with Mary Barnes and the Model A Ford van. The railings around the shop went in the war effort in 1940
An old postcard of Shipton Probably before 1920s. Shows the old Prebendal farm
Shipton Odd Fellows about 1910 in front of the Crown Inn
Post Card photograph of Shipton Water Mill (to the left of Photo) taken from 'Lower End' Milton Road Shipton under Wychwood. The cottage (nearest on the left) and the Mill House burnt down leaving only "Mill Cottage" (hidden by trees) standing today. (Before electricity installed) Date: late 1920s
Mr Hartley's team at Radcliffe Cricket Match at Shipton Court. Names not available. Date: 28 September 1922
Pupils in Standard VI at St Mary's School, Shipton under Wychwood. Date: 1929
Shipton under Wychwood Church Choir outing to Southsea, 8th August 1930
School Friends Reunion 50 years on after leaving Shipton School. Bill Slatter arranged to hold this in the Shipton Cricket Club Pavilion. Date: c.1983-84
Taken in about 1908. The caption says "Sitting on the right hand end of the bench is Willam Henry Bradley, Father of Ernest and George. To his left is Edward Steed and standing behind him is Walter Longshaw".
Mrs Dan Coombes: Landlady of The Crown Inn. Date: not known (possibly 1890s-early 1900s)
Hartley family posing at a hockey event. Venue not identified. Date: not given (c.1900)
Ben Pratley, a Quarry Mason at Milton. Lived in Magpie Alley, Shipton under Wychwood. Date: c.1900
Last WI pantomime in old Shipton village hall probably 1999 showing the audience. Belinda Willson applauding in front row. Vernon and Marjorie Dean centre by the wall.
Last pantomime at old Shipton Village Hall. Pat Bannister, Pat Canning in light green dress, Jane Hills, Gail Huntingford, Barbara Wilson
Last pantomime at old Shipton Village Hall. Hillary Wilson, Christine Halliday Margaret Nicholson Gordon Halliday at the front
New Beaconsfield Hall Shipton under construction 1998
Wright family haymaking 1938. George Bradley in white hat, John Francis Wright in shorts subsequently a victim of the second world war. Photo by Megan Bradley. The Wright family lived in the cottages just over Littlestock Brook. More about the Wright family
Meadow Lane iron or red bridge Shipton over River Evenlode about 1900. Created from glass plate owned by Arundells. Meadown Lane was also referred to as Lyneham Lane/Road. The footpath continues under the railway, seen in the background
Hospital carnival Saturday 1920. Winterseeds is in background. Fred Bradley in helmet. Wagon depicts Bruce Bairnsfather character Old Bill and his 'ole
Old tractor probably from the Hartley farm. Hartley's farm was Coldstone Farm with associated buildings on the L shaped bend coming out of Shipton near the Lamb. Another part of the farm was up at Five Ways where a very large house has recently been built.
Houses and street scene at Upper End, Shipton in the early 1900s. This is from a postcard of 1906 to Miss Violet Turner. She points out her Grandmother is standing in the garden. A note on back of copy postcard says "Was Bill Byes but now Crabtrees live there".
Shipton Mission Church, Upper End. Image from sometime between the 1930s and the 1950s
Aerial view of Shipton in the late 1920s. A Percy Simms postcard.
Cash Register at Bradley's Garage. Probably made by United Woodworking tillyard, next to Bradley's original garage.
Bank House Shipton estimated 1900s
Shipton Church from Cospatrick memorial. Estimated 1920s
Fair near Shaven Crown in Shipton. Early 20th Century
The Heythrop Hunt meet at Shipton in the 1930s
One of group of photographs labelled "The Sadlers" now dismantled and at Oxford Museum. Presumably this is Mr Willis' workshop next to the Shaven Crown
One of group of photographs labelled "The Sadlers" now dismantled and at Oxford Museum. Presumably this is Mr Willis' workshop next to the Shaven Crown
One of group of photographs labelled "The Sadlers" now dismantled and at Oxford Museum. Presumably this is Mr Willis' workshop next to the Shaven Crown
One of group of photographs labelled "The Sadlers" now dismantled and at Oxford Museum. Presumably this is Mr Willis' workshop next to the Shaven Crown
The Shipton saddler's shop around 1900. Girls on the left are Hannah (born 1869) and Winifred (born 1870) In the doorway is James Alfred Puffer Willis a saddler born 1865. Also his father James Willis born 1824 and also a saddler. The elderly man on right is not known
Mrs Alf Miles with Granpa Bartlett and children outside their house with the junction of Ascott Road
Corner of Ascott Road Shipton around 1900. From a postcard sent in 1906
Coombes Postcard of Grove Farm and Ascott Road junction about 1900. ( The Coombes family owned and ran the old post office in Shipton. They commissioned a series of postcards which they then sold in their shop).
Heythrop Hunt High Street Shipton 1930s
The Heythrop Hunt at Shipton near Ascott Road 1930s
Shipton High Street houses opposite Grove Farm 1930s
The Lodge, Shipton under Wychwood. A Coombes postcard.posted in 1904. ( The Coombes family owned and ran the old post office in Shipton. They commissioned a series of postcards which they then sold in their shop).
The old Gibbet Tree just off the Burford Road outside Shipton. Note the carved initials of Tom and Harry from the original Tom, Dick and Harry
Bradley's Garage Forecourt before demolition in 2003
Shipton Court Meet 1924. Charles Wiggins. Major Edmonson
Shipton Court. Womens' Institute 21st Birthday celebration 1939.
Shipton Court. Mr Newbold. 1970s Court stables in the background
Shipton Court. 1948/9. From photo by Dennis Mansell. Men in photo identified as (from left) Herman Puddle, Bernard Hawcutt, John Rawlins and Eric Collier. Court stables on left
Shipton Court. Womens cricket team probably just before WW1
The football team at Shipton Primary School 1956. Back row left to right: Dennis Barnes, Keith Baldwin, Lewis(?), Desmond Townsend, Jeffrey Arundel, John Thacker Front row: David Hicks, Victor Barney (later played for Bristol Rovers), Mervyn Case, Paul Viner, Roy Saxby
St Mary's School Shipton under Wychwood 1900
St Mary's School Shipton under Wychwood c1900
CofE Industrial School for Girls Shipton under Wychwood circa 1910
Alfred Meecham at St Michael's Shipton under Wychwood, 2001
Princess Victoria visiting St Michael's Shipton under Wychwood, July 1911
Visit of HH Princess Victoria of Schleswig Holstein to St Michael's home Shipton under Wychwood, July 1911
Visit by HH Princess Victoria to St Michael's Home Shipton under Wychwood, July 1911
Visit by HH Princess Victoria to St Michael's Home Shipton under Wychwood, July 1911
The Garden Fete Bruern Abbey 1911
Shipton Lodge to Milton Lane ariel view early 1930s
Shipton C of E School c.1929
Shipton under Wychwood C of E Primary School 1929
Group from St Michael's Home Shipton under Wychwood 1931
Mr Bradley, groundsman at Michael's Home in Shipton: 1930
Ye Olde Junk Shop in former St Michael's Home c1980
Former St Michael's Home Shiption prior to demolition in 1989
Former St Michael's Home under demolition 1989
Entrance to site of former St Michael's Home Shipton 1990
Willis Court Shipton under construction May 1993
Gordon Duester, Philip Pittaway, Brian Saxby, Gerald Cox, Doris Colletts, Malcolm Cox, Fred Saxby. This is late 1940s in Shipton, Upper End. Note the external tap serving families in that corner of the village
Old Waterhouse, Simons Lane Upper End. 1990.
Shipton. Upper End. Barry Don cottage erected by Jack Hawkes in 1920s.
Shipton. Upper End. Barry Don 1920s Bungalow now replaced by so-called Ecological House. Was lived in by Mr and Mrs Harris.
Shipton, Fiddlers Hill. The far cottage in the row in the centre is of J. Wilkinson. Once the home of Smiths & McShea (Walter & Amy (late Morrison))
Busby Family. 1930. Lived in a pair of cottages on Swinbrook Road (Harris/Busby) Jack, Martyn, Sylvia. This backed onto another pair fronting Leafield Road (Harris/Jules).
John Hartley combine harvesting between Swinbrook Road and Leafield Road. 1995.
John Hartley combine harvesting between Swinbrook Road and Leafield Road. 1995
Packer Postcard-Antona Series. Sheep folded under tree, 1930s. Views down and over the land to the West.
Shipton, Swinbrook Road, view North. Couple walking up Swinbrook Road.
Notices about the start of Sinnels Field development. 1977.
One of the first houses under construction in Sinnels Field. 1977.
John Hartley and Bill Izod on the farm in 1993
Photo taken by John Rawlings to show how Dutch Barns replaced Stone Barns in the 1920s/30s. Five in 1930s. Dutch Barn replaced by Silos . Shows cupboards in the Dutch Barn. Taken in 1996.
Tractor and Reaper Binder. Estimated late 1940s, 1950s
Combine Harvester, tractor and trailer in Leafield Road, past Hartley's field towards Judds grave.
Hill View Cottages. Once occupied by Harris and Miles families. Cottages back to back to similar cottages in Swinbrook Road. Occupied by Busby and Harris family. (Bill Harris, Geoff Miles)
Clutterdene Bungalow. Ex Witney airfield, erected by Arundell's family. It was burnt down (deliberately) after careful removal of asbestos etc.
Baptist Chapel Shipton before conversion. 1995.
Baptist Chapel Shipton conversion, 1995.
Baptist Chapel Shipton interior before conversion. Looking from the rear to pulpit and door to the vestry. 1995.
Inside Shipton Baptist Church before the 1995 conversion.
Photo by John Rawlings of Waterworks Cottage. On approach side of the lane to Chapel. Erected by RDC to house pumping equipment to control village water supply in 1940s. Supply from Trotts Spout . March 2002.
Trotts, Chapel Lane early 1900s. Looking NE to two semi-detached cottages. One on right served as Court laundry. Baptist Chapel. Springside to left of the Chapel. Rear of cottages top left, now The Spout.
Shipton war memorial. Probably taken the day of its dedication on 11th September 1921
Remembrance Day 9 November 1980. W. O. Coveney (Bill) last survivor of World War 1. Revd. Geoffrey Lindley and Jeanne Lindley.
Marlborough Trophy for the Best Kept Village over 700 population being presented by Col John Thompson, Lord Lt. of the County on 3rd October 1965. Mr Terry Souch and Mr Leslie Viner erecting it
Presentation of the Marlborough Trophy for the best kept village with over 700 population October 1965. Leslie Viner and Terry Souch in front row at left. Then Win White with Dorothy Brockes (hands clasped), John Wilkinson. Man with heavy spectacles Bob Barrett and young boy at front small Barrett boy - possibly Charlie Barrett and Fred Shirley to the left of Bob Barrett.
Presentation of the Marlborough Trophy for best kept medium sized village 9th September 1984. Presentation was by Mollie Harris, the local authoress. Man holding the young girl is Malcolm Cochrane. Lady with folded arms on left is Lorna Souch.
Young Shipton men waiting for the bus to the Sunday cinema at Kidlington 1948 or 1949. Taken by Dennis Mansill From left to right Godfrey Pittaway, Norman Duester, Gordon Duester, David Dolton.
Young Shipton men waiting for the bus to the Sunday cinema at Kidlington 1948 or 1949. Taken by Dennis Mansill From left to right Godfrey Pittaway, GordonDuester, David Dolton, Norman Duester
Putting up the Shipton Christmas Tree on the Green 1982. Left to right Malcolm Cochrane, C Preston, Bernard Hawcutt
Royal wedding celebration in Shipton 29 July 1981. Malcolm Cochrane judging fancy dress.
Royal wedding celebration in Shipton 29 July 1981
Royal wedding celebration in Shipton 29 July 1981
Shipton village fete probably 1983
Shipton village fete 1996. From left to right Roger Hitchcock, Win White, Eileen Jessy.
Anne Mathews and her husband at a Shipton fete in the 1990s
Shipton village fete 1996. Win White on right in light coat
Church Street, Shipton about 1900, before the refurbishing of the post office.
Group of Shipton men behind the Crown in 1903. Copy of Packer postcard.Two men at the back are Jack Cox on left and Walt Longshaw at right. On the bench from left to right are Donald Coombes, Albert Timms, John Miles, Ed Steed, William (Bill) Bradley on the right. Bill Bradley was the father of Ernest, Reginald (garage), George (haulier), Fred and Leah.
People watching the Heythrop Hunt in Shipton 1938 in front of Avery's General Stores. John Rawlings notes tell us that the lady on the left behind the pram is Mrs Ken Miles. The girl with hands in her pockets and plaits is Stella Strand; the lady in the check coat is Mrs Jim Harris; the man at the back - in front of the window - is Tommy Hopkins.
Fair in Church Street Shipton 1959 Ladies from the left: Mrs Hall, Mrs Simms, Mrs Hopkins, Miss Moss, Mrs Siford and Phyllis Smith. Miss Moss lived in Rose Cottage in background (see deckchair). Mrs Siford was the mother of Phyllis Smith both lived in the house next to Miss Moss (now Kelcot)
Gas Lane Shipton probably in 1920s. Rear of Post Office in the background. Reverse refers to "Gramps".
Cottage in Magpie Alley Shipton. No information on the source or on the lady. Probably 1920s.
Magpie Alley Shipton. Probably Bradley family. Probably 1920s Possibly Fred Bradley, Reg Bradley and Charles Shepherd (brother in law of Reg)
Len Shepherd and Betty Powell at Salisbury Place in Church Street Shipton. Probably 1940s
Ian Paton and Len Shepherd on the left at Salisbury Place in Church Street, Shipton
Salisbury Place Church Street Shipton in the 1940s. One of the ladies is probably Betty Powell.
Salisbury Place Church Street Shipton in the 1940s. Probably the figure is Len Shepherd
School House, Church Street, Shipton. Note the door has now been replaced. Probably 1940s
Opening of the New Beaconsfield Hall 4 July 1998. Rosie the first hall manager is in the red shirt, John Hartley at the mike, Rev Graham Canning, Belinda Willson, Malcolm Cochrane leaning against the wall.
First council houses in Shipton. Once called Crown Cottages or Crown Meadow Cottages built on land bought from Crown Inn Trustees, 1930/31
First Shipton council houses 1930/31. Known as Crown Cottages or Crown Meadow Cottages built on land bought from Crown Inn Trustees.
Station Road Shipton from above the bridge. Undated but probably prior to 1900. Parsonage farm with rick yard and school. St Mary's church but old Beaconsfield hall not visible.
Barns at Prebendal farm
Early photograph of Prebendal House before development
Old bungalows by station road filling station. .Demolished around 2005. Photo by John Rawlins 1987.
Station Road Shipton police house. Date stone reads 1925. One of several built by Oxford Construction in Churchill and Shipton built with stone from Hobbs Quarry. Down Hollow (now a camp site on turning to Chadlington on A361) . Photo by John Rawlings 1987
One of the last of the cattle to be walked to Shipton Station for transport by rail. Mr Jock Barrett of Heath Farm, Green Lane, Milton is leading with Herman Puddle in the rear. 1960s
Postcard probably produced by Mike Linfield. View towards the Downs and Leafield Radio Station. Probably 1960s. Sent as a postcard Feb'97. Probably taken from Langley Holdings. Sheep and Masts of Leafield Radio Station and BT College.
Top of High Street, Trotts Lane/Chapel Lane. Cottage on the right is now The Spout. Note the cottage on the left with thatched roof. Early 1900s.
Jessica Coombes and Mr and Mrs Wiggins receive gifts marking their retirement from running Shipton Post Office: 1975. Terry Souch Chairman of Shipton Parish Council makes the presentation.
Coronation Day Celebrations in Shipton in 1937.
Shipton British Legion 5th July 1936 marching to Court Cricket ground. The Shaven Crown is on the left.
Shipton Church Street probably early 1920s. No power lines, but this is still after the Post Office refurbishment.
Court Farm Shipton in 1920s
Court Farm Shipton
Plum Lane about 1966
Barn in Shipton before conversion. Probably Springhill Upper Farm
R J Bradley's Garage Station Road Shipton probably 1946. The car is a post war Austin Seven belonging to Bob Coombes as reported to Alan Vickers. United Woodworking Co Tillyard on the left.
View of Shipton probably from site of Matthews Mill. On postcard posted to Mrs Bliss, The Manor, Chadlington on 31 December 1912. Postcard by Frank Watts of Milton Parsonage Farm with rick yard on right of Tithe Barn. School on right
Aerial view of Milton Road, Shipton under Wychwood showing houses from L to R: Castle Bank, Wayside, and Four Winds. Date: post WW2
Ted Coombes' Bungalow in Milton Road, Shipton under Wychwood. Date: 1980s
Cyril Lane - then living at Wychwood House, Milton Road, Shipton under Wychwood. Date: pre WW1.
Station Road garage before alterations 1987. Originally built by W H Rawlins of Milton to couteract trade generated by R J Bradleys nearer the station on the left.The bungalows were already attracting adverse comments in the 1930s. Photo by John Rawlings.
Probably the saddler Puffer Willis and his wife, in Shipton
Turning the first sods for the construction of the New Beaconsfield Hall Shipton Probably 1997. Hamish Harvey, Anne Mathews, Annie Savil, Belinda Willson, Gordon Halliday, Jonathon Willson, Christine Halliday doing digging, John Hartley, Malcolm Cochrane, Mary Cochrane, Jackie Finley
Turning the first sods for the New Beaconsfield Hall Shipton probably 1997
Turning the first sods for the New Beaconsfield Hall Shipton probably 1997. Len Nicholson on the left in the cap, Mavis Macvicar next to him,
Opening of the New Beaconsfield Hall 1998
Guides performing Cinderella pantomime in the 1980s. Old Shipton village hall. Fourth from the left is Christine Halliday's daughter Beth, Jo Naish, Julie Dixon (daughter of Linda Dixon). The girl in glasses is Victoria Newitt
Shipton School group about 1958. Desmond Townsend is directly below the teacher
The Commuters - a regular part of the WI pantomimes in the old Shipton Village Hall. December 1993. Man in the brown suit is John Rawlins. On his left is Ian Mathews. Possibly Sir John Graham second from the left
Shipton young people waiting for the bus by the Green 1948 or 1949 From left to right Mary Hovard, Roy Maggs, Norman Duester, Godfrey Pittaway, Gordon Duester, David Dolton, Margaret Adams (Hackling), Nancy Watton
Gordon Duester with his brother Norman in his mother's arms. Shipton Fiddlers Hill
Chlldren on Fiddlers Hill, Shipton under Wychwood. Shows standpipe serving the local cottages. Could be Charles Duester (Gordon's father) with pail?
Gordon Duester on right. Left to right at back are his brother in law Cecil, Charles Duester, Gordon's mother. In front is his brother Norman holding an unidentified child and his sister Janet with another unidentified child
Junction of Upper End, Fiddlers Hill and Trot's Lane. Snowden House (right) Elm Cottage (part, left). c 1900
Bradley's Garage forecourt 1980 ie before demolition to make way for Bradleys development 2003
Bradleys under construction 2003
Preparing the site for Bradleys development Shipton 2003. Consdierable soil had to be removed because of oil pollution caused during the Second World War when the garage was occupied by American forces.
Bradleys Garage before demolition around 2002
Bradleys garage before demolition to make way for the Bradleys development 2003
The old telephone exchange in Shipton before conversion into a house
Bank House High Street Shipton early 1900s
Avery's yard with part of Pearce's House 1974, in Shipton
First two houses in Ascott Road early 1900s
Joey out for his walk in January 1982 in Ascott Road
Postcard of Grove Farm Shipton
Old pump over a spring at the start of Simons Lane. Disappeared around 2010
Tree planting New Road Good Friday 1978. Malcolm Cochrane on the left
Royal Engineers military camp at Shipton 1942
Burford Road going up to Shipton Downs about 1930.
Japanese Garden of New House Shipton probably in 1989. Jack Wilkinson caretaker on the left. Phil Coombes on the right
The tin tabernacle on Fiddlers Hill, in the 1930s
Fiddlers Hill showing tin tabernacle. Probably in the 1950s
Worshippers going to the tin Tabernacle on Fiddlers Hill. Date unknown but probably 1930s
First houses at Courtlands Close
Court Farm Shipton
Plum Lane about 1966 taken just before Court Close Estate started. Elisabeth Chaffers of Trots Brook is recorded on the back and may have taken the original photograph
Inglenook fireplace at Dower House Shipton
The Dower House Shipton in 1960s showing the old Walnut tree before it died
Barn in Shipton before conversion. Probably Upper Farm but could be Springhill
Barn in Shipton before conversion. Probably Upper Farm but could be Springhill
House of Mr Preece the Stationmaster at Shipton. Built 1896. At that time presumably there was no official Stationmaster's house until one was built in the late 1940s for Mr Rose. Picture apparently taken in the 1970s
House in Station Road Shipton built 1900 as a dancing school. At one time lived in by George Bradley, the haulier
Glenhurst Station Road 1910s or 1920s
Glenhurst Station Road built 1900 by Graham Arundell's father. Name and date is on the stone plaque. Note no development on the opposite side of the road.Photograph probably 1900. Note on the back says it was the home of George Bradley
Bradley's Station Garage Station Road in disused state following opening of Central Garage. Taken between 1945 and 1950
Two cottages on the Eastern side of Station Road Shipton. The left cottage s the former home of R.W.N. Goss, one time secretary at F.W.P.Matthews Mill. Called Falklands because of his connection with the Goss of the Falklands islands. Built by Matthews for their staff.
View towards Prebendal and Shipton centre from about Matthews mill site. Note the flooded fields . Probably taken in the 1970s
Entrance to Shipton from Station Hill. Simms postcard probably dating from the 1910s posted in Shipton in 1919. No poles apart from GWR telegraph. Dusty and rutted road with chickens in distance
Top of Church Street, marked 1904
High Street Shipton 1920s. Notice water coming out of Cospatrick Memorial
Shipton High Street and Green late 1920s. Topsy Coombes (probably) on the right.Probably Cooknells butchers van on the left
The postman Shipton 1900s. Off to sort at Chipping Norton
View from the start of Simons Lane back towards A361 with Olivers store on the right and house on left Date probably late 1980s or early 1990s. Building on right is part of the old tillyard.
The old Shipton Village Hall demolished in 1999
Salisbury Place Shipton 1962 before it was extended. The John family whose father was the Headmaster at Shipton Primary School 1956-1963 lived here.
Johnson's Garage Shipton 1960s
Cottages by Johnson's Garage
Johnson's garage Shipton before rebuild
Dorothy Treweek of Shipton who, with her husband, used to deliver milk throughout the village. Photo probably taken late 1940s. Mrs Treweek died in 2018
Shipton School about 1924. Girl with white ribbon second from back is Marily Watkins' mother, Mrs Turner
Children playing on the climbing frame at Shipton Primary School 1962. Children not identified
Classroom scene Shipton Primary School 1962. Brian Mitchell on left
View from the Paddock of Shipton Primary School probably 1962
Shipton under Wychwood Hospital Carnival going down High Street Milton under Wychwood. - 1922. Poplar Farm is on the left - Stables on the left - Potato Barn on the roadside
Outside the Shaven Crown. Left standing - John Longshaw, sailor Pascoe, Dan Faulkner standing in cap, Ted Metcalfe, Landlord Mr Pascoe
Shipton hospital fete 1921. Two adults believed to be Harry Hedger and Eric Steed. Leslie Longshaw on right in pointed hat and holding a flag. Mary Barnes is blonde girl in pointed hat
Shipton fete 1920 with Tom Powell and Charles Duester
Shipton hospital fete carnival 1922. Includes George Bartlett, Henry Pittaway and Frank Wright but exact order not known
Shipton Court aerial view
Shipton court. Treehouse
Shipton Court
Shipton Court Garden Fete 1915
Shipton Court. Childrens fancy dress party; postcard addressed to Miss Thomson. Posted Charlbury
Shipton Court. Shipton Cricket Club. 1936. V Brooks. D Pittaway. E Hartley
Shipton Court. Shipton cricket team. National Village Championship Regional winners 1993 & 1994
The Green - view from the High Street near the Crown (Shaven Crown) Hotel across the allotments (now The Green) towards St Mary's Church Possibly 1950s
The Green, view of War Memorial and Dee's Stores (latterly Costcutter Stores).1940s or 1950s
Shipton under Wychwood: High Street, view looking north east by The Green. On the right is the Memorial Fountain and the War Memorial. The shop is Dee's Stores (latterly Costcutter
View of the Crown Hotel and the High Street from Church Street and The Green.
View looking north along High Street from Church Street and The Green. Points noted include: a Ford Model T - with solid tyres;Fred Vernalls - telegram delivery boy (in the centre) No electric cables (only telephone cables). A sale/market being held at 'The Crown'. Date: pre 1930
View of The Green and St. Mary's Church, Shipton under Wychwood.Points of note include: the row of cottages across the Green which were demolished soon after the photograph was taken and a wall built around the the whole field. Dee's, Hathaways, Shipton Stores (later 'Costcutter') were subsequently built to the left of the old 'Crown' sign.Date: circa 1900
The Crown and High Street, Shipton under Wychwood, View looking north with Shipton Stores (centre) on the right of High Street. Date: 1920s
High Street by The Crown Inn. View looking north along the High Street where traffic is parked; possibly a stock sale is ongoing on land behind the Crown Inn. Date: c.1930s
Shipton under Wychwood; View looking north along High Street from Church Street and The Green. Points noted include: a Ford Model T - with solid tyres; Fred Vernalls - telegram delivery boy (in the centre) No overhead electric cables (only telephone cables). A sale/market being held at 'The Crown'. Date: pre 1930
An unknown group in the village (undocumented)
The Crown Inn, view from the front showing the new 'Shaven Crown' sign. Date: not known, but possibly late 1930s (as the RAC and AA signs in photo are not present)
The Heythrop Hunt Meet at The Crown; Shipton under Wychwood. View shows spectators at the Meet.
Members of the Shipton and Milton Choral Society. Date: c.1900
Members of Shipton Women's Guild in Dr Parson's Garden - presumably dressed for a production. Back row (LtoR): Mrs Harris, Mrs Dee, Jean Walker, May Steed, Ivy Timms, Chris Turner, Flossie Santers, Edith Hedges, Annie Phipps, Corona Coombs. Front row (LtoR): Annie Kimber, Edith Dale, Sabina Falkner, Daisy Reed, Louie Santers, Mrs Andrews, Dolly Slatter. Date: c.1918-1919
Dee family taken from the back of Shipton Stores. From L to R: William H. Lane (father), Mary Dee (grandma), Adeline S. Lane (mother), Ellen Dee, Arthur Lane. Seated front (LtoR): Cyril Lane, Ronald Lane. Date: pre 1914
Dee family, Mr and Mrs Dee and daughter Mary in their Model T Ford car. Date: c.1923
Cubs taking part in a conservation project to clear footpaths for Shipton Walks. Taking a picnic break. Date: 1981
Cubs taking part in a conservation project to clear footpaths for Shipton Walks. Breaking off for a bit of cooking. Date: 1981
Leonard Barnes in uniform and was in active service in the Boer War 1900. He died in an accident in 1925 Date: c.1900
Horace and May Barnes Date: 1930
Martha Barnes (L), and Mrs Longshaw. Date: 1931 (?)
May Barnes. Date: 1931
Members of the Barnes family; (L to R) Horace, Martha, May and Leslie Barnes.Date 1931
Leslie Barnes in his Home Guard uniform. Date: 1943
Rev. Canon William Edward Dickson Carter; who was Vicar of Shipton (1852-1868) and later Rector of Sarsden (1868-1908). He was J.P. on the Bench of Chipping Norton and sentenced the Ascott Martyrs. His son, William Collingwood Carter, was Vicar of Shipton (1900-1917) Date: late 1800s
Lady Amelia Dickson of Shipton under Wychwood. Date: late 1800s
Henrietta and Elspeth Barter, daughters of Ellen Carter (nee Barter). Date: late 1800s
Bradley Family 50th Wedding Anniversary. Back Row (L to R): ?, Tom Turner, Fred Bradley, Reg Bradley (with '?'), George Bradley, '?', '?'. Front Row (L to R): Mrs Reg Bradley (nee Shepard, with '?'), '?', Mrs Tom Turner, Mr Bradley, Mrs Bradley, '?', '?', Mrs Fred Bradley Date: not known
Mrs Buntin, the Baker's mother, who lived at the house called 'Buntins' next door to 'Hunters Lodge'. Date: not known
The Heythrop Hunt Meet at The Crown, Shipton under Wychwood Date: possibly 1936
Sir Oswald Mosley; pictured at The Shaven Crown, Shipton under Wychwood, whilst under house arrest. Date: 1943
3rd Battalion Oxfordshire Home Guard photographed outside of The Shaven Crown, Shipton under Wychwood. Date: 1945, March
View across The Green, Shipton under Wychwood, towards St.Mary's Church and the extension to Salisbury Place, the house on the right of the photograph. The Green has been extended and only one tree remains. The man walking across the Green is known as The Cider King from Lyneham.
Shipton Court: Shipton under Wychwood. View of The Residence from the South Lawn Date: 1913
Shipton Court: Shipton under Wychwood View of Coldstone Farm House Date: 1913
Shipton Court: Shipton under Wychwood. View of Grove Farm House. Date: 1913
Shipton Court: Shipton under Wychwood Aerial View (original photo) of Shipton Court and its immediate surroundings. Note (bottom left) the kitchen gardens and glasshouses, now the site of Court Close. Date: possibly about 1930s
Shipton Court: Shipton under Wychwood. Shipton Village celebrations on the occasion of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee - a dinner and sports in Shipton Court Walks. Date: 1897
Shipton Court: Shipton under Wychwood. West face of the Stable Block taken from the main road, High Street, with the entrance to the Wild Garden on the right. From the portfolio of Alfred Groves and Son of work done on the Court. Date: not known
Shipton Court: Shipton under Wychwood. View of the Court house from the gardens . Photo: possibly by Frank Packer of Chipping Norton. Date: not known.
Shipton Court: Shipton under Wychwood. Photo of The Coursing Meet in the stable block yard at Shipton Court. Date: not known possibly 1920s.
Shipton Court: Shipton under Wychwood Photo of The Heythrop Hunt assembling in Shipton High Street outside the Stable Block of Shipton Court. Photo: From negatives supplied by Mary McNeill (possibly Thomson) via Margaret Ware. Date: not known; possibly 1920s.
This photograph was taken on the farm land before the building of houses in The Sands. Michael Bradley is the lad on the horse 'Bagtie'. Roy Ridley was the farmer of this land and Little Hill Farm. Bradleys then lived in a bungalow at the top of The Square nearest The Sands. W.R.Ridley owned cottages opposite. (see sale reference in the Oxford Times. Date: c.1933
Group photograph taken at the Victory Thanksgiving after the Second World War. Date: 1946

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