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View from the ball on top of the church spire taken by J Wells of Burford on June 27th 1893
Picnic in the Wild Gardens at Shipton to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Anniversary 1897
Mr Costiff who was the postman who carried mail from Chipping Norton to Shipton under Wychwood. Date: 1890-1900
View of the upper end of the High Street from Dangerfields down. Predominantly on the West side. 19th century.Note the road sweepings (for sale!). Stone Porch, Cotham Cottage, Redwood No42, Dormer House formally Enfield House, Cottage and Pub (row) knocked down. Also Hunt and Townsend Office and Coal house in the far distance
Station Road Shipton from above the bridge. Undated but probably prior to 1900. Parsonage farm with rick yard and school. St Mary's church but old Beaconsfield hall not visible.
House of Mr Preece the Stationmaster at Shipton. Built 1896. At that time presumably there was no official Stationmaster's house until one was built in the late 1940s for Mr Rose. Picture apparently taken in the 1970s
Ascott under Wychwood - school photo - circa 1890 (?)
Rev. Canon William Edward Dickson Carter; who was Vicar of Shipton (1852-1868) and later Rector of Sarsden (1868-1908). He was J.P. on the Bench of Chipping Norton and sentenced the Ascott Martyrs. His son, William Collingwood Carter, was Vicar of Shipton (1900-1917) Date: late 1800s
Lady Amelia Dickson of Shipton under Wychwood. Date: late 1800s
Henrietta and Elspeth Barter, daughters of Ellen Carter (nee Barter). Date: late 1800s
Shipton Court: Shipton under Wychwood. Shipton Village celebrations on the occasion of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee - a dinner and sports in Shipton Court Walks. Date: 1897

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