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View of Church Street Shipton about 1900 - reproduced from a Taunt postcard
High St. Milton under Wychwood. Poplar Farm on the left, blacksmiths on the right. Note the board behind the tap. Taken c. 1900
Pony and Trap in Milton under Wychwood with Rosina Basson
Frog Lane Milton under Wychwood. Showing Calais Field Bridge over the stream. Calais Cottage is on the left and Homestead is on the right. c. 1909
The Green, Shipton under Wychwood, in the snow. The Crown sign is on the left and Church Street on the right. Date: 1900s
High Street Milton under Wychwood - George Baughan thought to be in front of present Cotham Cottage August 13th 1918. He was a Coal Merchant at Shiption Station. In 1900 he had a house The Shrubbery (now Cotswald) built at the corner of Frog Lane / Shipton Road. George appears in photos at Shipton Station.
Ascott under Wychwood - Reginald Tiddy wearing plus fours sitting in a deckchair reading a book. Circa early 1900's. Tiddy promoted country dancing in the village and the construction of Tiddy Hall. He was killed during the First world war.
Postcard street scene by the church early 1900s
Long House Farm, High Street. Edwin Townsend (born 1864) on horse with Ethel (born1867), Ann, wife of Charles Townsend (born 1858), Sophia, wife of Edwin Townsend, Sophia born 1852/or Sarah born 1853
Franklin family with donkey cart - Whitsun Monday. The two boys in front of the vehicle were Sydney and Alex, who were both killed in World War One. Date: 1901
Church Road / The Heath. In the foreground is Dot Barnes seated. c.1900
The Red Horse Inn and junction with Milton Road about 1900
Milton cricket team about 1905. The man in the back row second from left is Ted Coombes. His cousin Harry is on the extreme right with folded arms. Harry and Ted later ran the tillyards in Shipton, Harry on Station Road and Ted at the original Till yard near the Lamb. The man holding the ball is the agent for Shipton Court
Early photograph taken by the old Coach and Horses Inn at the corner of Green Lane and Shipton Road. Date: not known but probably early 1900s
The caravan mission to children early 1900s. The visit took place in the orchard opposite the Baptist Chapel. Founded in 1892 as part of the Children's Special Services Mission. There were five caravans and one large tent
St Michael's College, Shipton under Wychwood 1902
Shipton band congregating probably on Shipton Club Day on Church Street. Taken before the Shipton Post Office was refurbished in 1908. Gas Lane in the background. See also Wychwoods Album Online
Shipton Post Office after refurbishment in 1908. Note damage to front right of neighbouring house where rendering has been removed. See also Wychwoods Album Online
Sbipton Post Office about 1909. Note poster reads Lloyd George scuttles the ship - Damage to neighbouring house caused by refurbishment has been repaired
The staff at Shipton Court about 1905. The bearded man in the centre is Mr Coombes the Head Carpenter. His son Harry (later Chairman of Shipton PC and head of the largest Tillyard) is holding the plane on the left. The boy with the pickaxe is Harry's younger brother
Prebendal farm Shipton about 1900
Taken in about 1908. The caption says "Sitting on the right hand end of the bench is Willam Henry Bradley, Father of Ernest and George. To his left is Edward Steed and standing behind him is Walter Longshaw".
Mrs Dan Coombes: Landlady of The Crown Inn. Date: not known (possibly 1890s-early 1900s)
Hartley family posing at a hockey event. Venue not identified. Date: not given (c.1900)
Ben Pratley, a Quarry Mason at Milton. Lived in Magpie Alley, Shipton under Wychwood. Date: c.1900
Meadow Lane iron or red bridge Shipton over River Evenlode about 1900. Created from glass plate owned by Arundells. Meadown Lane was also referred to as Lyneham Lane/Road. The footpath continues under the railway, seen in the background
Milton Church Road c.1900. Identity of the individual is unknown, but an interesting vehicle.
Milton under Wychwood. Copy of postcard probably early 1900s
Houses and street scene at Upper End, Shipton in the early 1900s. This is from a postcard of 1906 to Miss Violet Turner. She points out her Grandmother is standing in the garden. A note on back of copy postcard says "Was Bill Byes but now Crabtrees live there".
Bank House Shipton estimated 1900s
Fair near Shaven Crown in Shipton. Early 20th Century
The Shipton saddler's shop around 1900. Girls on the left are Hannah (born 1869) and Winifred (born 1870) In the doorway is James Alfred Puffer Willis a saddler born 1865. Also his father James Willis born 1824 and also a saddler. The elderly man on right is not known
Corner of Ascott Road Shipton around 1900. From a postcard sent in 1906
Coombes Postcard of Grove Farm and Ascott Road junction about 1900. ( The Coombes family owned and ran the old post office in Shipton. They commissioned a series of postcards which they then sold in their shop).
Three Hartley boys as sportsmen about 1905
The Lodge, Shipton under Wychwood. A Coombes postcard.posted in 1904. ( The Coombes family owned and ran the old post office in Shipton. They commissioned a series of postcards which they then sold in their shop).
Ascott under Wychwood. Postcard stamped Dec 10 02 (10th December 1902). From Dot to Miss N Watts - Rangers Lodge , Charlbury. Stamp "Half Penny" with image of King Edward VII.
Ascott under Wychwood. Tiddy Hall with group of ladies early 1900s
Threshing early 1900s possibly Ascott
Ascott under Wychwood - entrance to the village - circa 1900
Ascott under Wychwood - village scene circa 1900
Ascott under Wychwood - a street scene circa early 1900s - looking North towards the railway station.
Ascott under Wychwood - street scene
Ascott under Wychwood - The Old Forge.- Early 1900s
Milton: Lyneham Road Kohima now Heath House c1900.
St Mary's School Shipton under Wychwood 1900
St Mary's School Shipton under Wychwood c1900
Trotts, Chapel Lane early 1900s. Looking NE to two semi-detached cottages. One on right served as Court laundry. Baptist Chapel. Springside to left of the Chapel. Rear of cottages top left, now The Spout.
Church Street, Shipton about 1900, before the refurbishing of the post office.
Group of Shipton men behind the Crown in 1903. Copy of Packer postcard.Two men at the back are Jack Cox on left and Walt Longshaw at right. On the bench from left to right are Donald Coombes, Albert Timms, John Miles, Ed Steed, William (Bill) Bradley on the right. Bill Bradley was the father of Ernest, Reginald (garage), George (haulier), Fred and Leah.
Top of High Street, Trotts Lane/Chapel Lane. Cottage on the right is now The Spout. Note the cottage on the left with thatched roof. Early 1900s.
Ascott under Wychwood - street scene circa early 1900s
Ascott under Wychwood street scene circa early 1900's. Postcard place for stamp says "A halfpenny stamp to be placed here". Message on card in black ink says "Good morning Mrs Lucas I'm come to see how you are & A Merry Christmas"
High Street Milton looking North 1906
Cottage opposite the Pound, Milton High Street, 1900s
The Shipton saddler's shop around 1900. Girls on the left are Hannah (born 1869) and Winifred (born 1870) In the doorway is James Alfred "Puffer" Willis a saddler born 1865
Bank House High Street Shipton early 1900s
First two houses in Ascott Road early 1900s
House in Station Road Shipton built 1900 as a dancing school. At one time lived in by George Bradley, the haulier
Glenhurst Station Road 1910s or 1920s
Glenhurst Station Road built 1900 by Graham Arundell's father. Name and date is on the stone plaque. Note no development on the opposite side of the road.Photograph probably 1900. Note on the back says it was the home of George Bradley
Top of Church Street, marked 1904
The postman Shipton 1900s. Off to sort at Chipping Norton
Mr Don Miles outside Elm Cottage Born 1902 and died December 1985
Shipton School 1904 class with headmaster Mr Strong
Shipton School class of younger pupils in 1904 with Mr Strong the Headmaster
Mary Ann Bedwin second wife of George Gardiner of Spring Hill Farm. Mother of Eva Maria who married Edward Reynolds 1843-1908 later of Spring Hill Farm
Ketura Reynolds 1846-1916. Emigrated to NSW Australia 1862. Taken in NSW 1905 Married John Barrie Daughter of Edward and Eva Reynolds
Mrs Nelly Silman and Gwen 1908
Milton under Wychwood Temperance Society early 1900s
View Up High Street Milton c. 1904 - Poplar Farm on the right - fir tree - Baptist Chapel
Milton under Wychwood from Poplar Farm House, home of Frank Watts c.1908. Probably photographed by Frank Watts
Jubilee Lane Milton under Wychwood - Calais Field view towards Dog Kennel Lane c.1909
The Green Milton under Wychwood probably around 1901
Ascott under Wychwood church circa early 1900s
Ascott under Wychwood church - 1906
Emmie and Bertha Pittaway's father James. 1900 James Pittaway married Lucy Anne Smith (widow of John Longshaw). Witnesses were Thomas Longshaw and Geraldine Longshaw
Milton under Wychwood - The Green - Clown Football Team 1908 - Postcard
Ascott under Wychwood - village scene circa 1900 - looking north towards station?
Ascott under Wychwood - The Meet (Heythrop Hunt?) circa early 1900s
Ascott under Wychwood High Street - circa 1900
Ascott under Wychwood school photo early 1900s
Ascott under Wychwood school photo circa 1906
Ascott under Wychwood school - circa 1900
Ascott under Wychwood school photo - circa 1900
Ascott under Wychwood - school photo postcard - circa 1900
Ascott under Wychwood - Manor Farm - photo from a postcard that was sent from Ascott in 1904
View of The Green and St. Mary's Church, Shipton under Wychwood.Points of note include: the row of cottages across the Green which were demolished soon after the photograph was taken and a wall built around the the whole field. Dee's, Hathaways, Shipton Stores (later 'Costcutter') were subsequently built to the left of the old 'Crown' sign.Date: circa 1900
Outside toilets at Lyneham School Date: 1904-1909
Lyneham School. a view to the rear of the school to the west. On the right is a playground and curved driveway. Date: 1904-1905
Lyneham School taken from the rear towards the SWW. Note the new doorway porch and the curved doorway blocked in. Date: 1904-1905
Interior showing a classroom at Lyneham School. It shows a curved top doorway; classroom furniture. There is a 'tortoise' heating stove (R). The long exposure needed for the photograph shows the movement shadows of the child; the two others were relatively still! Date: 1904-1909
Exterior view of Lyneham School. The building is now converted to a domestic dwelling
Mission Church, Tin Tabernacle The church was built and first service held in 1907. The last service before demolition was held in 1972.There was a similar building in Shipton under Wychwood at Upper End. Date: c.1907-1920
Miss Morris of Lyneham taken in Church Road, Milton under Wychwood with Church Cottages in the background. John Rawlins recalls reading that she also had an accident on the A361 near the Sarsden Pillars in the 1930sDate: c. early 1900s
A house in Church Westcote. Date: 1907
Members of the Shipton and Milton Choral Society. Date: c.1900
Leonard Barnes in uniform and was in active service in the Boer War 1900. He died in an accident in 1925 Date: c.1900
Quarry men at Groves' Quarry Milton Downs. Back Row: 6th from left is Chris Miles; 2nd from right is Alexander George Miles (with pipe) Front Row: 1st left with peaked cap is Ben Pratley. Date: c.1900
The Heythrop Hunt on Milton Downs. Note the stone walls either side of the Taynton to Charlbury Road. Compare the state of the walls with those in photographs taken in 1995. Date: c.1902
The Heythrop Hunt on Milton Downs. Note the stone walls either side of the Taynton to Charlbury Road. Compare the state of the walls with those in photographs taken in 1995
This accident to Cooknell's Butchers Van is thought (John Rawlins) to be just off the road to Milton before you descend Quarry Hill. The 'covers' on the left of the road which were cut down during the first years of WW2. The van also appears in a photograph of a bus coming up High Street near The Green. Date: possibly 1932
Members of the Milton under Wychwood Band Date: c.1900-1908 Back Row: Frederick Charles Silman (last on the right - father of Gwen Morgan) Front Row (L to R): Ellis Groves; unknown; unknown; 'Puffer' Willis; unknown; James Alfred
The village band of Milton under Wychwood. Few details about the persons in the photograph available. Date: c.1903
Milton under Wychwood; represented at the Cotswold Sunday School Union, Jubilee Demonstration showing one of the floats. (Photo taken possibly outside Moreton Railway Station)

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