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Combine harvesting at Court Farm Shipton. Robert Barrett with Anthony Linfield 1961-1962
Ascott under Wychwood. Honeydale Farm. Last days of threshing drum and baler in 1964. Woolcocks machinery from Blaythorne Farm, Chadlington.. From left (?) Tom Powell, Arthur Pearse, Will Holloway and Jim Pearse.
Ascott under Wychwood - group photo children with vicar - circa 1950s or 1960s
Milton: Lyneham Road Kohima cottages 1960s
Combine Harvester, tractor and trailer in Leafield Road, past Hartley's field towards Judds grave.
Marlborough Trophy for the Best Kept Village over 700 population being presented by Col John Thompson, Lord Lt. of the County on 3rd October 1965. Mr Terry Souch and Mr Leslie Viner erecting it
Presentation of the Marlborough Trophy for the best kept village with over 700 population October 1965. Leslie Viner and Terry Souch in front row at left. Then Win White with Dorothy Brockes (hands clasped), John Wilkinson. Man with heavy spectacles Bob Barrett and young boy at front small Barrett boy - possibly Charlie Barrett and Fred Shirley to the left of Bob Barrett.
One of the last of the cattle to be walked to Shipton Station for transport by rail. Mr Jock Barrett of Heath Farm, Green Lane, Milton is leading with Herman Puddle in the rear. 1960s
Postcard probably produced by Mike Linfield. View towards the Downs and Leafield Radio Station. Probably 1960s. Sent as a postcard Feb'97. Probably taken from Langley Holdings. Sheep and Masts of Leafield Radio Station and BT College.
Plum Lane about 1966
Honeydale Farm between A361 and Ascott. Taken around 1960
St Johns dinner Bury Barn, Burford c. 1960 Revd Cundell on left of top table. Eric Matthews also on this table On nearest table Vi Smith, and Walt Smith On second table further away, Jack Wilkinson at the end, Perc and Florrie Bridges, Herman Puddle, Sid Smith, Phyllis Smith (in glasses)
Mr and Mrs Stan Burson with Rose Burson's mother on her mother's 100th birthday in 1965
Plum Lane about 1966 taken just before Court Close Estate started. Elisabeth Chaffers of Trots Brook is recorded on the back and may have taken the original photograph
The Dower House Shipton in 1960s showing the old Walnut tree before it died
Salisbury Place Shipton 1962 before it was extended. The John family whose father was the Headmaster at Shipton Primary School 1956-1963 lived here.
Johnson's Garage Shipton 1960s
The banner produced by the Shipton WI. From left to right Barbara Pearse - Treasurer, Mrs L. E. Pearce (mother of Jim Pearce), Mrs Wain who did most of the work on the banner and Vi Smith, Secretary and mother of Barbara Pearse. Probably late 1960s
Doris Warner and Edith Pratley of Ascott in 1963 with two girls from Ascott School showing the dresses they had worn in 1913 for a dancing display in front of Cecil Sharpe
Ascott WI ladies waiting for the bus to take them to Lady Brunner's Garden Party 14 July 1965 From left to right: Mrs A M Hickson, Mrs B A Scully, Mrs R Powell, Miss Walkinshaw President, Mrs J Greenaway
Shipton Primary School 1962
Children playing on the climbing frame at Shipton Primary School 1962. Children not identified
Classroom scene Shipton Primary School 1962. Brian Mitchell on left
View from the Paddock of Shipton Primary School probably 1962
Shipton cricket team 1960. Tom John headmaster of Shipton Primary School is standing under the "e" of players with his arms folded
Frog Lane Milton under Wychwood - Calais Cottage 1968
Ascott under Wychwood group photo
Dancing in street - Morris dancers (see bells on ankle). Clothing of onlookers suggest 1960s?
Young dancers in road. 1960s (or 1970s - see flared trousers lady onlooker on right)
Ascott-u-Wychwood Baseball Team

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