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Across the Evenlode Valley. View along the road from Milton under Wychwood towards Lynham. View shows the railway (Cotswold Line), the house on the right would be the crossing keeper's house.
Outside toilets at Lyneham School Date: 1904-1909
Lyneham School. a view to the rear of the school to the west. On the right is a playground and curved driveway. Date: 1904-1905
Lyneham School taken from the rear towards the SWW. Note the new doorway porch and the curved doorway blocked in. Date: 1904-1905
Interior showing a classroom at Lyneham School. It shows a curved top doorway; classroom furniture. There is a 'tortoise' heating stove (R). The long exposure needed for the photograph shows the movement shadows of the child; the two others were relatively still! Date: 1904-1909
Exterior view of Lyneham School. The building is now converted to a domestic dwelling
View of the main street in Lyneham. On the right is the old School, which later became a Primitive Methodist Chapel, then premises for a builder. It was also used for CofE Services prior to the building of the
Mission Church, Tin Tabernacle The church was built and first service held in 1907. The last service before demolition was held in 1972.There was a similar building in Shipton under Wychwood at Upper End. Date: c.1907-1920
Coronation Day Celebrations in Lyneham May 12th 1937
Coronation Day Celebrations at Lyneham on May 12th 1937
Coronation Day Celebrations at Lyneham - a Fancy Dress line-up: including Rod Neville, Dick Catling, LesHanks, Fred Keen, Bert Smith (in white jacket) and Norman Rimes (extreme right with pipe). Date: 1937, May 12th
Workers on Lyneham Farm in front of the threshing machine. Albert Henman (on the right wearing the boater)His son, William (Jack) sitting on the knee in front of the threshing machine. Date: 1914
Photograph; (possibly Albert Henman) at Lyneham Farm. Date: c. 1910s
Miss Morris of Lyneham taken in Church Road, Milton under Wychwood with Church Cottages in the background. John Rawlins recalls reading that she also had an accident on the A361 near the Sarsden Pillars in the 1930sDate: c. early 1900s
Lyneham Victory Tea to celebrate the ending of the Second World War. Date: 1945 (Key to names shown on ELW0538b)
Coronation Day Celebration at Lyneham. Date: 1953

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