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Front of Harman's butchers shop, pre 2003
Front of Harman's Butchers. C1910. E.E.Bradley the manager also ran the Butcher's Arms. Previously butcher at Salisbury
The Shipton saddler's shop around 1900. Girls on the left are Hannah (born 1869) and Winifred (born 1870) In the doorway is James Alfred Puffer Willis a saddler born 1865. Also his father James Willis born 1824 and also a saddler. The elderly man on right is not known
Pratley's hardware shop, Milton
View of Milton 1920s
Horse and trap in front of Townsend stores, the precursor to Averys General Stores in Shipton. Believed to be Mr Townsend on the trap
High Street Milton under Wychwood showing the Post Office under the name of Moss the Grocer: probably 1930s
Sketch Map of Shop Premises c.1930 Milton under Wychwood
Post Office and High Street, Milton under Wychwood. Probably 1940s
View of The Green and St. Mary's Church, Shipton under Wychwood.Points of note include: the row of cottages across the Green which were demolished soon after the photograph was taken and a wall built around the the whole field. Dee's, Hathaways, Shipton Stores (later 'Costcutter') were subsequently built to the left of the old 'Crown' sign.Date: circa 1900
The Crown and High Street, Shipton under Wychwood, View looking north with Shipton Stores (centre) on the right of High Street. Date: 1920s

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