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Milton under Wychwood High Street with Sid Smith driving cows to the smallholding further down the street - possibly top of Hawkes yard? Taken after 1953
Butchers Arms c1910-20's. Here we see Parsloe, then the landlord, with cycle and two of his sons. The cottage behind them has been since knocked down, replaced with a demolished rebuilt with a flat above and garage below. Photo probably by Frank Watts phot before moving to Stonesfield.
Combine harvesting at Court Farm Shipton. Robert Barrett with Anthony Linfield 1961-1962
United Woodworking Company Workforce in about 1936 Taken in front of the polishing shop. Back row from left:Ernie Belcher (Lyneham), Cyril Lainchbury, Victor Brooks, Don Pittaway, Horace Pittaway, Alf Carpenter Middle row from left: Jim Slatter, Sid Harvey, Phyllis Longshaw (nee Siford), Dan Wiggins, Alf Smith, Harry Coombes, Jaybee Broom, Laurie Pittaway, Francis Dix, Sid Tierney (Church Street), Norman Cooper Front row from left: Albert Longshaw (first husband of Phyllis Sifor), Charlie Norgrove
United Woodworking Co's Station Road Shipton Workshop probably in the early 1930s and taken looking towards the end of the making shop. The man front left is Charlie Norgrove. The man facing away from the camera second on the right is Jaybee Broom. On his left is Jim Slatter and on the extreme right is Sid Tierney.
George Bradley's lorry registration number UD4346 shown alongside his brother's garage in Station Road Shipton
Two cottages on the Eastern side of Station Road Shipton. One is the former home of R.W.N. Goss, one time secretary at F.W.P.Matthews Mill. Called Falklands because of his connection with the Goss of the Falklands islands. Built by Matthews for their staff. No sign of Station Road Garage or the Till Yard. Probably taken around 1920
Averys general store Shipton estimated early 1930s., The man on the left is believed to be Percy Avery
High Street Shipton under Wychwood: looking north by The Green. Details include Cucknell's butcher's van on the left; the Banbury bus; 'Topsy' Coombes on the footpath. There's possibly an electrical supply pole behind the bus. There is no seat around the tree. Date: c.1930
Harry Mawles in his Wolsey
Granny Barnes of Milton stooking at harvest time 1926 with grandson Dennis Pinder
Rough shoot at Lower Farm Milton. Thomas Alfred Groves left with his dog Nero and Richard Hartley right with Alfred Groves looking on
Quart Pot Inn inside Bay Window Fred Burrus , Fred Timms , Stan Bursom , Lionel Puddle
Poplar Farm Milton under Wychwood. Mr and Mrs Wells
High Street Milton under Wychwood - outside Mr Puffen's forge
Frog Lane Milton under Wychwood - Calais Fields - Beryl & Eddie Townsend in front - mid 1930s
Milton under Wychwood - The Green. Hillborough House in the background - Bill Timms, Dick Kite, Alf Pearce, Will Budger,Percy Greenaway, Reg Dore
Wychwood Bowls Club on grounds at the rear of The Shaven Crown Hotel. Players identified include: Eric Meecham; W.J.Franklin; Walt Smith; E.J.Kethro; Wallace; Ted Pearce; Duester; Bill Timms; George Rathbone. Date: not known
Ascott under Wychwood - Reginald Tiddy wearing plus fours sitting in a deckchair reading a book. Circa early 1900's. Tiddy promoted country dancing in the village and the construction of Tiddy Hall. He was killed during the First world war.
Heritage Lane. The last house on he left of the picture appears in NF-A-19" (CRB0043). "Ref Townsend family"
Long House Farm, High Street. Edwin Townsend (born 1864) on horse with Ethel (born1867), Ann, wife of Charles Townsend (born 1858), Sophia, wife of Edwin Townsend, Sophia born 1852/or Sarah born 1853
Potters Hill Farm (near Leafield) and Dennis's Grandfather. Date: not known (but reference on the back 48/49 could be 1948-1949)
Truck in front of United Woodworking c. 1928. The man is Ernie Clemson, till crater
Car is Bob Coombe's. Car was very old and the date of photograph is put at around 1946
Franklin family with donkey cart - Whitsun Monday. The two boys in front of the vehicle were Sydney and Alex, who were both killed in World War One. Date: 1901
Mr Costiff who was the postman who carried mail from Chipping Norton to Shipton under Wychwood. Date: 1890-1900
Milton Church Road and the Rawlins family in late 1920s
Milton Cottage in The Heath: with residents, the Barnes family in 1912
Church Road / The Heath. In the foreground is Dot Barnes seated. c.1900
The last service at the Methodist Chapel Milton 1975. The lady in glasses looking at the camera is Phyllis Smith
Milton cricket team about 1905. The man in the back row second from left is Ted Coombes. His cousin Harry is on the extreme right with folded arms. Harry and Ted later ran the tillyards in Shipton, Harry on Station Road and Ted at the original Till yard near the Lamb. The man holding the ball is the agent for Shipton Court
Group photograph of the Skidmore family of Milton under Wychwood. (Photograph supplied by Joan Skidmore; December 1993) Date: not known
Photograph of John Rawlins (centre) with his parents in the garden at "Sunnyside", Shipton Road, Milton under Wychwood. The trees on the horizon are those on the Shipton to Burford road. This view is no longer visible due to the building of houses, "Charnwood" and "Priors Haven", blocking the view. At the very bottom left of the photograph is a 'well head'. This has now been removed to accommodate a driveway for a car. Date: 1950
The opening of the Beaconsfield Hall Shipton in 1885. Proceedings were enlivened by the music of the Shipton Brass Band under the leadership of Mr Thomas Alder
The staff at Shipton Court about 1905. The bearded man in the centre is Mr Coombes the Head Carpenter. His son Harry (later Chairman of Shipton PC and head of the largest Tillyard) is holding the plane on the left. The boy with the pickaxe is Harry's younger brother
Children at the top of Chapel Lane Shipton around 1900. The building at the right were cowmen's cottages. Doreen Barnes was born there. They were later knocked together and refurbished to form The Spout, residence of John and Margaret Hartley. Note the thatched house down the lane
Shipton bellringers about 1910. Harry Coombes on left back row. His second cousine, Ted Coombes is fourth from the left. He and Harry founded and ran United Woodworking, the largest of the tillyard operations in Shipton. Alf Miles is on Ted Coombes' left and his brother Harry Miles is front right. The bell captain is the blacksmith, George Bartlett who rang the bell for 50 years. He lived next to the Post Office in Church Street
Wychwood Bowls Club about 1932 Back row left to right - G Carpenter, H Crabtree, E Pearce, F J Franklin, J Watson, T Dangerfield, E Miles Middle row - R Burgess, G G Horne, Rev E C Freeman, J H Turner, Dr E E W Roe, C E Davies, F Southam Front row - C Duester, J Kethero, A Pearce, K Miles - Front row - C Due
Hathaway's shop High Street Shipton 1930s. Originally Dees stores, the shop was built in 1919 when Mr Dee moved from his premises opposite Shipton Lodge. The drapery section was upstairs with the groceries below. Deliveris were made to surrounding villages by Stanley Gorton seen here with Mary Barnes and the Model A Ford van. The railings around the shop went in the war effort in 1940
School Friends Reunion 50 years on after leaving Shipton School. Bill Slatter arranged to hold this in the Shipton Cricket Club Pavilion. Date: c.1983-84
Taken in about 1908. The caption says "Sitting on the right hand end of the bench is Willam Henry Bradley, Father of Ernest and George. To his left is Edward Steed and standing behind him is Walter Longshaw".
Mrs Dan Coombes: Landlady of The Crown Inn. Date: not known (possibly 1890s-early 1900s)
Hartley family posing at a hockey event. Venue not identified. Date: not given (c.1900)
Ben Pratley, a Quarry Mason at Milton. Lived in Magpie Alley, Shipton under Wychwood. Date: c.1900
Last WI pantomime in old Shipton village hall probably 1999 showing the audience. Belinda Willson applauding in front row. Vernon and Marjorie Dean centre by the wall.
Last pantomime at old Shipton Village Hall. Pat Bannister, Pat Canning in light green dress, Jane Hills, Gail Huntingford, Barbara Wilson
Last pantomime at old Shipton Village Hall. Hillary Wilson, Christine Halliday Margaret Nicholson Gordon Halliday at the front
Wright family haymaking 1938. George Bradley in white hat, John Francis Wright in shorts subsequently a victim of the second world war. Photo by Megan Bradley. The Wright family lived in the cottages just over Littlestock Brook. More about the Wright family
British Legion event on The Green, Milton under Wychwood in 1981. Phylis Smith in mauve coat.
Front of Harman's Butchers. C1910. E.E.Bradley the manager also ran the Butcher's Arms. Previously butcher at Salisbury
Mother and Babies Clinic at Sunset House with Dr Roe 1934
Tractor at Coldstone Farm about 1942 . Tom Turner with evacuee Jesse Hunt
Houses and street scene at Upper End, Shipton in the early 1900s. This is from a postcard of 1906 to Miss Violet Turner. She points out her Grandmother is standing in the garden. A note on back of copy postcard says "Was Bill Byes but now Crabtrees live there".
One of group of photographs labelled "The Sadlers" now dismantled and at Oxford Museum. Presumably this is Mr Willis' workshop next to the Shaven Crown
One of group of photographs labelled "The Sadlers" now dismantled and at Oxford Museum. Presumably this is Mr Willis' workshop next to the Shaven Crown
One of group of photographs labelled "The Sadlers" now dismantled and at Oxford Museum. Presumably this is Mr Willis' workshop next to the Shaven Crown
One of group of photographs labelled "The Sadlers" now dismantled and at Oxford Museum. Presumably this is Mr Willis' workshop next to the Shaven Crown
The Shipton saddler's shop around 1900. Girls on the left are Hannah (born 1869) and Winifred (born 1870) In the doorway is James Alfred Puffer Willis a saddler born 1865. Also his father James Willis born 1824 and also a saddler. The elderly man on right is not known
Mrs Alf Miles with Granpa Bartlett and children outside their house with the junction of Ascott Road
Three Hartley boys as sportsmen about 1905
Ascott under Wychwood. Honeydale Farm. Last days of threshing drum and baler in 1964. Woolcocks machinery from Blaythorne Farm, Chadlington.. From left (?) Tom Powell, Arthur Pearse, Will Holloway and Jim Pearse.
Ascott under Wychwood - Heritage Lane (last house on the right and still extant). Quoted as Home of Townsend family for 500 years.
High Street Milton under Wychwood - Terrace House, 26nd June 1922. Golden Wedding of Mr and Mrs Gomm. Back Row : Winifred Groves , Frank Bolton, Lucy Groves. Centre Row : Edward Bolton, Unknown, F A Groves, May Harris, Alfred Gomm, Sophie Gomm, Muriel Groves, Sam Groves. Front Row : (Unknown), Elizabeth Bolton, Mr & Mrs J. Gomm, Mary Harris.
High Street Milton under Wychwood. Enfield House - home of The Dales 1930s; home of Mrs E J Rawlins 1960s; home of Roger and Grace Rawlins 1990s
Milton under Wychwood - The Green - Sid Miles, Chris Moss, Roy Smith, Richard Wells, Phil Hackling, Stan Dore, Gordon Hunt, Malcolm Dore, Frank Barrett,(?),(?),(?),(?), (?) Rainbow, John Duester
Milton under Wychwood - The Green - Les Rainbow, Frank Barrett, Pat Waite, Sid Hedges, (?), Dick Mason, Ern Hedges, Bert Field, Lionel Puddle, Jeff Tibbits, Charlie Stringer,(?),(?), Jack Greenaway (?)
Shipton Court. Mr Newbold. 1970s Court stables in the background
Milton: Church Road The Heath - Mary Ann Barnes c1910
Mr Bradley, groundsman at Michael's Home in Shipton: 1930
Gordon Duester, Philip Pittaway, Brian Saxby, Gerald Cox, Doris Colletts, Malcolm Cox, Fred Saxby. This is late 1940s in Shipton, Upper End. Note the external tap serving families in that corner of the village
Shipton. Upper End. Barry Don cottage erected by Jack Hawkes in 1920s.
Shipton. Upper End. Barry Don 1920s Bungalow now replaced by so-called Ecological House. Was lived in by Mr and Mrs Harris.
Shipton, Fiddlers Hill. The far cottage in the row in the centre is of J. Wilkinson. Once the home of Smiths & McShea (Walter & Amy (late Morrison))
Busby Family. 1930. Lived in a pair of cottages on Swinbrook Road (Harris/Busby) Jack, Martyn, Sylvia. This backed onto another pair fronting Leafield Road (Harris/Jules).
John Hartley combine harvesting between Swinbrook Road and Leafield Road. 1995.
John Hartley combine harvesting between Swinbrook Road and Leafield Road. 1995
Hill View Cottages. Once occupied by Harris and Miles families. Cottages back to back to similar cottages in Swinbrook Road. Occupied by Busby and Harris family. (Bill Harris, Geoff Miles)
Remembrance Day 9 November 1980. W. O. Coveney (Bill) last survivor of World War 1. Revd. Geoffrey Lindley and Jeanne Lindley.
Marlborough Trophy for the Best Kept Village over 700 population being presented by Col John Thompson, Lord Lt. of the County on 3rd October 1965. Mr Terry Souch and Mr Leslie Viner erecting it
Presentation of the Marlborough Trophy for the best kept village with over 700 population October 1965. Leslie Viner and Terry Souch in front row at left. Then Win White with Dorothy Brockes (hands clasped), John Wilkinson. Man with heavy spectacles Bob Barrett and young boy at front small Barrett boy - possibly Charlie Barrett and Fred Shirley to the left of Bob Barrett.
Presentation of the Marlborough Trophy for best kept medium sized village 9th September 1984. Presentation was by Mollie Harris, the local authoress. Man holding the young girl is Malcolm Cochrane. Lady with folded arms on left is Lorna Souch.
Young Shipton men waiting for the bus to the Sunday cinema at Kidlington 1948 or 1949. Taken by Dennis Mansill From left to right Godfrey Pittaway, Norman Duester, Gordon Duester, David Dolton.
Young Shipton men waiting for the bus to the Sunday cinema at Kidlington 1948 or 1949. Taken by Dennis Mansill From left to right Godfrey Pittaway, GordonDuester, David Dolton, Norman Duester
Putting up the Shipton Christmas Tree on the Green 1982. Left to right Malcolm Cochrane, C Preston, Bernard Hawcutt
Royal wedding celebration in Shipton 29 July 1981. Malcolm Cochrane judging fancy dress.
Royal wedding celebration in Shipton 29 July 1981
Royal wedding celebration in Shipton 29 July 1981
Shipton village fete 1996. From left to right Roger Hitchcock, Win White, Eileen Jessy.
Anne Mathews and her husband at a Shipton fete in the 1990s
Shipton village fete 1996. Win White on right in light coat
Group of Shipton men behind the Crown in 1903. Copy of Packer postcard.Two men at the back are Jack Cox on left and Walt Longshaw at right. On the bench from left to right are Donald Coombes, Albert Timms, John Miles, Ed Steed, William (Bill) Bradley on the right. Bill Bradley was the father of Ernest, Reginald (garage), George (haulier), Fred and Leah.
People watching the Heythrop Hunt in Shipton 1938 in front of Avery's General Stores. John Rawlings notes tell us that the lady on the left behind the pram is Mrs Ken Miles. The girl with hands in her pockets and plaits is Stella Strand; the lady in the check coat is Mrs Jim Harris; the man at the back - in front of the window - is Tommy Hopkins.
Fair in Church Street Shipton 1959 Ladies from the left: Mrs Hall, Mrs Simms, Mrs Hopkins, Miss Moss, Mrs Siford and Phyllis Smith. Miss Moss lived in Rose Cottage in background (see deckchair). Mrs Siford was the mother of Phyllis Smith both lived in the house next to Miss Moss (now Kelcot)
Magpie Alley Shipton. Probably Bradley family. Probably 1920s Possibly Fred Bradley, Reg Bradley and Charles Shepherd (brother in law of Reg)
Len Shepherd and Betty Powell at Salisbury Place in Church Street Shipton. Probably 1940s
Ian Paton and Len Shepherd on the left at Salisbury Place in Church Street, Shipton
Salisbury Place Church Street Shipton in the 1940s. One of the ladies is probably Betty Powell.
Salisbury Place Church Street Shipton in the 1940s. Probably the figure is Len Shepherd
Opening of the New Beaconsfield Hall 4 July 1998. Rosie the first hall manager is in the red shirt, John Hartley at the mike, Rev Graham Canning, Belinda Willson, Malcolm Cochrane leaning against the wall.
One of the last of the cattle to be walked to Shipton Station for transport by rail. Mr Jock Barrett of Heath Farm, Green Lane, Milton is leading with Herman Puddle in the rear. 1960s
Jessica Coombes and Mr and Mrs Wiggins receive gifts marking their retirement from running Shipton Post Office: 1975. Terry Souch Chairman of Shipton Parish Council makes the presentation.
Ascott under Wychwood - Nelly Trinder (?) post lady at Ascott under Wychwood
Believed to be evacuees photographed in 1941 in the Milton Baptisit school yard. Names not always clear from the original scan.Back Row left to right - Jean Willis, Ruthy Parsloe, (Unknown) , Mary Bond, Audrey Farrell, Kathy Palmer, Betty Summers, (Unknown) , Miss Phillips. Also believed present - Jean Whebby, Beryl Woodgate plus possibly Jean and Joyce Spooner and Rose Purser
Wychwood Division St John Ambulance Brigade 1948. Wychwood Division St John Ambulance Brigade 1948. Back row: Pte E. Rawlins, Pte D. Souch, Pte R. Beaney, Pte K. Miles, Pte D.E. Miles, Pte S. G. Cripps, Pte R.J. Edginton, Pte. F. Greenaway, Pte. R.W. Brookes, Pte B. MIles Front row: Div.Cpl. P Bridges, Pte. A.Pearce, Div.Sgt. W.J. Smith, County Officer H. Howard, Div.Supt. W. Beck, Div.Surgeon Dr. G. Scott, Div. H./Sgt. H.S.Pratley, Pte. J.H.Wilkinson, Pte. W. James
Members of the Shipton Bowls Club. Circa 1930s. Provisional identifications: Front row left to right: Charles Duester, Mr Kethro the baker, Ted Pearce, Ken Miles Middle row (?) Horne (headteacher) Revd Freeman (?) Dr Roe (?) Sourtham (Anchorage Frog Lane) Back Rowr (?) (?) Ted Pearce Franklin, Josh Watson, Townsend, (?)
St Johns dinner Bury Barn, Burford c. 1960 Revd Cundell on left of top table. Eric Matthews also on this table On nearest table Vi Smith, and Walt Smith On second table further away, Jack Wilkinson at the end, Perc and Florrie Bridges, Herman Puddle, Sid Smith, Phyllis Smith (in glasses)
The Shipton saddler's shop around 1900. Girls on the left are Hannah (born 1869) and Winifred (born 1870) In the doorway is James Alfred "Puffer" Willis a saddler born 1865
Turning the first sods for the construction of the New Beaconsfield Hall Shipton Probably 1997. Hamish Harvey, Anne Mathews, Annie Savil, Belinda Willson, Gordon Halliday, Jonathon Willson, Christine Halliday doing digging, John Hartley, Malcolm Cochrane, Mary Cochrane, Jackie Finley
Turning the first sods for the New Beaconsfield Hall Shipton probably 1997
Turning the first sods for the New Beaconsfield Hall Shipton probably 1997. Len Nicholson on the left in the cap, Mavis Macvicar next to him,
Opening of the New Beaconsfield Hall 1998
Guides performing Cinderella pantomime in the 1980s. Old Shipton village hall. Fourth from the left is Christine Halliday's daughter Beth, Jo Naish, Julie Dixon (daughter of Linda Dixon). The girl in glasses is Victoria Newitt
Shipton School group about 1958. Desmond Townsend is directly below the teacher
Mawles School at Court Farm. On the left is Betty Mawle, next Don Franklin, then Mary Dee and Mary Mawle. The two children on extreme right not identified. 1930s
Anthony Linfield with sheep at Court Farm
Anthony Linfield and Jonathan Barrett with kite at Court Farm Shipton
James Hayward and Anthony Linfield with sheep at Court Farm Shipton
Frank Turner rolling fleece 1940s at Court Farm Shipton Little boy is Anthony LInfield
United Woodworking Co Station Road Shipton. Phillip Hepden working on a device to raise bales onto a waggon pulled by a tractor to a design by Bob Griffin. Taken in 1950s
From left to right Eileen Croom, Dot Barnes and Granny Barnes of Milton
Beaney family of Milton: members of St Johns Ambulance. Back row left to right: Dick Beaney, Jack Beaney. Middle row left to right: Edmund Beaney, David Beaney. In front: Joyce Beaney
Barnes family group of Milton in 1910 Back row left to right: Mr B.,(?),(?),(?),Tom Croome, (?),Pat,(?) Len, Sara Curl, Jack, (?) Front row left to right: Jinnie, Granny,(?), Gus,Vi,Dot, Gramp Barnes, Nelklk Suiford with baby Sitting in front (?)
Barnes family group Milton 1916 Rear row left to right: Wilfred, Gramp, Evelyn, Gran, George Croome, Ivy Front row left to right: Bert, May, Georgie, Winnie
Barnes family of Milton. No other information given
Jack Wilkes of Milton 1922
Bill Wilkes cutting timber in Notgrove Woods 1970
Mrs "Flossie" Wilkes February 1983
Bill Wilkes in his timber yard on Lyneham Road 1970
Jack Wilkes 1927
Percy Bridge's Grandmother Mrs Bridges
Peter Brooks of Milton 1802 - 1862. Licensee of the Butcher's Arms in Milton. Related to the Brooks of Shipton
Mr and Mrs Fred Burrus, parents of Mrs Win Viner
Stan Burson building council houses. From left: Stan Burson, Dave Dalton, Jack Townsend. John Rawlings estimates this was taken in 1940s/1950s because Dave Dalton came to Shipton during the Second World War
Stan Burson in his garden in retirement 1950s/1960s
Mr and Mrs Stan Burson with Rose Burson's mother on her mother's 100th birthday in 1965
Mr and Mrs Barnes of Woodbury near Newbury, maternal grandparents of Mrs Rose Burson. Mr Barnes was a gamekeeper and the family lived in the building behind the photograph
Eric Mathews of the flour milling family 1914
Shipton young people waiting for the bus by the Green 1948 or 1949 From left to right Mary Hovard, Roy Maggs, Norman Duester, Godfrey Pittaway, Gordon Duester, David Dolton, Margaret Adams (Hackling), Nancy Watton
Gordon Duester with his brother Norman in his mother's arms. Shipton Fiddlers Hill
Chlldren on Fiddlers Hill, Shipton under Wychwood. Shows standpipe serving the local cottages. Could be Charles Duester (Gordon's father) with pail?
Gordon Duester on right. Left to right at back are his brother in law Cecil, Charles Duester, Gordon's mother. In front is his brother Norman holding an unidentified child and his sister Janet with another unidentified child
Group of Flying Corp members in France during the First World War. The man on left of middle row is Kenneth Strong, son of John Strong who was Headmaster of Shipton School 1904-1925
Charles Dore in about 1910, an itinerant hurdlemaker going from farm to farm cutting ash and willow as required. He was also later, a carter for Roy Ridley in Milton. Grandfather of Harold Dore. Died aged 82
Mervyn Dore July 1928
Agnes Dore and friend either at their home at Farnworth or according to John Rawlins behind present Jasmine Cottage
Tree planting New Road Good Friday 1978. Malcolm Cochrane on the left
Japanese Garden of New House Shipton probably in 1989. Jack Wilkinson caretaker on the left. Phil Coombes on the right
Two cottages on the Eastern side of Station Road Shipton. The left cottage s the former home of R.W.N. Goss, one time secretary at F.W.P.Matthews Mill. Called Falklands because of his connection with the Goss of the Falklands islands. Built by Matthews for their staff.
Shipton High Street and Green late 1920s. Topsy Coombes (probably) on the right.Probably Cooknells butchers van on the left
Girls with horsetrap Milton. Probably of Davey the Butcher's family. Girls are, left to right, Rachel, Mary, Rachel ?, Olive and Jessie. Twopenny the horse. Taken August 1943
Mr Day, General Carter in Milton in the 1930s
Mr Dore
No caption but almost certainly Thomas Alfred Groves
Reverend R Goss of Milton
Malcolm Dore June 1928
Mervyn Dore and his Grandmother
Beryl Field with Mother, Father, Elizabeth and Agnes (Aunt Aggy)
Richard Barnes Great Grandfather of Beryl Field
Mrs Hartley wife of Richard and mother of Richard, Ernest and Frank
John and Sarah Gomm
Mr Keen taken outside Sunrise House Jubilee Lane 1929
Mr Don Miles outside Elm Cottage Born 1902 and died December 1985
Mrs Anne Miles (nee Gomm). Mother of Don Miles
Father of Ken Earley
Agnes and Ken Earley on Dunelt motorcycle. She became Agnes Miles and died 1987
David Miles, carter. Father of Gerry, Terry and Harry
Probably Parsloe family of Milton
Pratleys at home Shipton Road
Doggy Pritchard, Father of Albert and Cis (later Carpenter)
Thomas Pill of Milton probably taken in 1915 on his eightieth birthday. Had sister Amy. Spent first twenty years of his life in Milton
Hetty Puddle and Jo Hackling during WW 1
Doggy Pritchard who married Ethel. His daughter and Jo Miles who was deaf and mute. DP was brother of Cicely who married George Carpenter
A Rathbone from Milton
William Gardiner of Spring Hill Farm
Ethel Maude Reynolds 1877-1918 spinster Lived in Norwood. Awarded the MBE daughter of William Ellis Reynolds 1836-1901
Walter Reynolds 1862-1928 Son of William Ellis Reynolds
Mary Ann Bedwin second wife of George Gardiner of Spring Hill Farm. Mother of Eva Maria who married Edward Reynolds 1843-1908 later of Spring Hill Farm
Keturah Reynolds 1846-1916 emigrated to NSW Australia 1862 married John Barrie
Keturah Reynolds 1846-1916 emigrated to NSW Australia 1862. Married John Barrie Daughter of Edward and Eva Reynolds
Ketura Barrie (formerly Reynolds) with Grand daughter Daughter of Edward and Eva Reynolds
Ketura Reynolds 1846-1916. Emigrated to NSW Australia 1862. Taken in NSW 1905 Married John Barrie Daughter of Edward and Eva Reynolds
Mrs Nelly Silman and Gwen 1908
Nelly Silman (formerly Slater) with Fred and Gwen 1921
Slater family Milton
Edward (Tricky) Smith at Heath Farm, Lyneham Road
Fred Silman of Milton 1931
Mrs Fred Silman formerly Nelly Slater 1929 at Hollydene with chickens
Portrait of Gwen Silman taken at W J Butt, The Studio Bourton on the Water
Dr Gordon and Mrs Scott
Dr Gordon Scott
Mrs Phylis Smith (nee Siford) about 1928. Became bookkeeper of the United Woodworking Company till producers in Shipton. Married Albert Longshaw who also worked at the tillyard and then Fred Smith. She and Fred Smith and two other partners set up Wychwood Manufacturing the third tillyard in Shipton on the Ascott Road. See WLHS Journal 22
Edward (Tricky) Smith at Heath Farm, Lyneham Road
Mr Smith and family living at Farnworth, The Green, Milton Pony and trap was used for taxi work
Alfie Turner of High Street Milton. Former agricultural steam engine driver
Groves timber yard Milton in the 1920s with Mr Alfred Groves
Horse and trap in front of Townsend stores, the precursor to Averys General Stores in Shipton. Believed to be Mr Townsend on the trap
Two men on motor bike and sidecar. Man on motor bike is relative of Marilyn Watkins (Ernie)
Dorothy Treweek of Shipton who, with her husband, used to deliver milk throughout the village. Photo probably taken late 1940s. Mrs Treweek died in 2018
Eli Trotman and his wife. As a quarryman Eli lived in High Street Milton. He was born in Idbury.
Mrs Nellie Turner of Milton about 1925. Probably nee Tidmarsh. Married Alfie Turner.
Frank Wright of High Street Milton, a Chelsea Pensioner
Elizabeth Venvell wife of Thomas, mother of Archibald
Archibald Venvell Postmaster Milton with his son Philip at Foxholes 1921
Elizabeth Venvell (nee Thomas) in about 1860
Marilyn Watkins about 1953. Names on reverse given as Patrick Rawlins at back, Anne Forsythe, Esther Rawlins, Marilyn Watkins - all in John Rawlins' writing
Mrs Wells Milton with Marilyn Watkins and David Watkins about 1953
Bill Wilks in NFS uniform in WW2. Stationed at Charlbury.
Bill Wilks cutting his last timber in Addlestrop Park 1975
Bill Wilks cutting his last timber with Daniel Beech of Bourton on Water in Addlestrop Park 1975
Bill and Norman Wilks timber felling at Shipton Lodge, Lord Latimers Estate 1940
Bill and Norman Wilks felling at Shipton Lodge, Lord Latimer's Estate 1941
Granny Wiggins (nee Fry) of Milton. Grandmother of Cis Miller (nee Tibbitts)
Albert Champness, known as Bim 1919-2014. Served in the RAF during the Second World War servicing aircraft used by the Dam Busters. As such his commanding officer was Malcolm Cochrane's father.
Vic Avery as a child in his car
Percy and Ivy Avery on their wedding day. Parents of Vic Avery
Richard Avery in uniform. He later ran a butcher's shop at the Lamb Inn. Brother of Percy Avery
Ivy Avery as a young girl
Great Granny Adams, great grandmother of Elaine Avery
Robert Gorton of Milton. Owned Pratleys ironmongers.
Innis Baldwin and his family of Milton. Lived in Milton since before the 1930s. Member of Boys Brigade. Died in 2015
David Wilson of Milton, father of James Wilson. Died 2015
The banner produced by the Shipton WI. From left to right Barbara Pearse - Treasurer, Mrs L. E. Pearce (mother of Jim Pearce), Mrs Wain who did most of the work on the banner and Vi Smith, Secretary and mother of Barbara Pearse. Probably late 1960s
Mrs Phyllis Campbell a founder member of Ascott WI shown at the Golden Anniversary in 1981 receiving a posy from Mrs Tait
Doris Warner and Edith Pratley of Ascott in 1963 with two girls from Ascott School showing the dresses they had worn in 1913 for a dancing display in front of Cecil Sharpe
Vi Miles and Kath Pinches at bazaar for surgery comforts fund
Shipton School about 1924. Girl with white ribbon second from back is Marily Watkins' mother, Mrs Turner
Muriel Scrivener (nee Rawlins). She was the aunt of John Rawlins and worked as a nurse at Bruern Abbey during the First World War. Her husband was Walter Scrivener
Fred Burrus of Frog Lane Milton
Bill Timms 1914
Sergeant H Beaney and his wife. John Rawlings believed that Sgt Beany died early. Mrs Beaney virtually ran the British Legion on her own during the war years 1939-1945. Parents of Dick and Ida.
Charles Shepard
Lance Corporal Jack Barnes, 10th Glos BEF France. Brother to George Leonard (Shipton )
Lewis Hart brother to Mabel Pearce (nee Miles)
Stephen Busby
awv0351 - Copy.jpg
Reg Dore
Charles Wiggins on the right
Chris Price, Harry and Will Harvey guarding Leafield Radio Station 1918
Frank Ware, founder member and treasurer of the Wychwoods Local History Society. Once Liberal candidate for the Banbury Constituency in 1964. Husband of Margaret Ware. Lived in Shipton.
Geoffrery and Rosemary Hitchcock September 1987. They lived at the old Post Office Shipton. Geoffry died just two months later and is buried in Shipton Churchyard. He worked for many years with the British Council. Picture said to have been taken in Slovenia
William Burson of Fifield. Baptized Milton under Wychwood 1842. Married Emily Barnes September 1867 in Fifield. Died 4 April 1907 buried in Fifield. Son of Daniel Burson and Dinah (Wells) of Milton.
Shipton Primary School carol singing at Shaven Crown Christmas Eve 1956.The girl with plaits is Linda John daughter of the Headmaster. The man facing the camera is Graham Haway (?) who married Anne Richards, a teacher at the school.
Shipton Primary six a side team in Witney and District competition 1959 presumably with other sides. Fourth from right, back row are Desmond Townsend, Paul Viner, Jeff Arundell. Front from rightare Angus Morrison, Victor Barnes, Michael Cox
Class room scene 1962 at Shipton Primary School. Irene Saxby is looking at camera
Classroom scene Shipton Primary School 1962. Brian Mitchell on left
Shipton cricket team 1960. Tom John headmaster of Shipton Primary School is standing under the "e" of players with his arms folded
High Street Milton under Wychwood - Enfield House - home of The Dales 1930s - home of Mrs E J Rawlins 1960s - home of Roger and Grace Rawlins 1990s
A portrait of Reg Bradley in his Naval uniform at the end of World War 1. He founded Bradley's garage and was friends with Harry Combes
Milton under Wychwood: back row : Betty Paget, Doris Timms, Betty Wells, Vera Waters, Queenie Wilks. Front row : Winnie Gee, Audrey Wilkes
High Street Milton under Wychwood - Terrace House in 1937 Coronation. Back Row: Mr Bacchus, Miss Kitty Salter (later Mrs Bacchus), Mrs Gromm, unknown, Bob Griffin, Mervyn Griffin. Front : Mrs Gomm Snr (nee Sarah Ann Groves)
High Street Milton under Wychwood Stone Porch. Mary Harris (niece of James Groves). Mr & Mrs J Groves occupants until WWII
Reg Bradley in naval uniform just after WW1 on his motorbike. He founded Bradley's Garage in Shipton next to the main Tillyard on the Chipping Norton Road and was a close friend of Harry Combes
Milton under Wychwood Haymaking at Poplar Farm with Mr and Mrs Wells
Frog Lane Milton under Wychwood - Burrus family 1930s - view from Ravenswood across Frog lane to the woods around Shipton Court Lanes
Green Lane Milton under Wychwood. The name on the cart is C A Wells. Mr Wells owned Poplar Farm in Milton
Frog Lane Milton under Wychwood - Fred Burrus - view from Burrus Cottage to the side of Anchorage (now Orchard House)
Frog Lane Milton under Wychwood - Burrus late 1930s in the garden of what is now Stone Cottage. Anchorage in the distance (now Orchard House). Between the man and house is the present entrance to The Sands
Frog Lane Milton under Wychwood - Horace Burrus 1930s. Off to work
Milton under Wychwood - The Green - Coronation 1937 - Maisie Gilbert, Rose Broadway, Mrs I Timms, Gwen Silman, Marjorie Bolton, Ruby Gee, Elsie Keen, Eileen Knight, Milton Green
Milton under Wychwood - The Green - Coronation 1937. Jean Treweeke, Pam Wiggins
Milton under Wychwood - The Green - Coronation 1937 - Millie Kite
Milton under Wychwood - The Green - Coronation 1937 - Alf Moss, R Dove, Doggy Pritchard, Len Rainbow, G Nichols
Milton under Wychwood - The Green Coronation 1937- Elsie Keen
Milton under Wychwood - The Green -Dick Kite on railings, Terry Souch, Tony Simms, David Dalton, Pat Waite, Norman Duester, Sid Hedges, Ivan Stroud, Phil Hackling, plus 2 unknown
Milton under Wychwood - The Green with Little Hill Farm in the background. Doug Green, Dennis Mansell, Bernard Hawcutt 1950s
Milton under Wychwood - The Green - Cricket 1949 - Herman Puddle Stan Dore, Phil Coombes, Roy Wain
Milton under Wychwood - The Green - 16 May 1948. Back: Richard Weeks Phil Coombes, Dennis Mansell. Front:Roy Waine, Gordon Earley, Raymond Timms
Harold and Annie Miles with Alice Longshaw
Outside the Shaven Crown. Left standing - John Longshaw, sailor Pascoe, Dan Faulkner standing in cap, Ted Metcalfe, Landlord Mr Pascoe
Leslie Longshaw as a young man born 1911 in London and brought up by grandparents in Shipton. Died London 1990
Thomas Longshaw born 1859 Shipton died Shipton 1921 and Alfred Longshaw born 1883 Shipton died London 1953
Helen Hodge as a young woman. Grandmother of Leslie Longshaw
Helen Longshaw aged about 86 at Cottage New Barn
Group of Longshaw, Locke and Rainbow families from Shipton mid 1920s. Cyril Locke with violin, Kazian Rainbow, Alfred Longshaw, Albert Locke, Henry Rainbow, Geraldine Longshaw, Leslie Longshaw crouching in front. Other lady in white coat on right unidentified
Leslie Longshaw with wife Winifred outside cottage in Mutton Lane Shipton. Probably 1940s
Emmie and Bertha Pittaway's father James. 1900 James Pittaway married Lucy Anne Smith (widow of John Longshaw). Witnesses were Thomas Longshaw and Geraldine Longshaw
Helen Hodge who married Thomas Longshaw (born Shipton 1859)
Thomas Longshaw of Shipton born 1859. Grandfather of Leslie Longshaw and father of Alfred Longshaw born Shipton 1883
The annual reunion of Shipton old boys who had been at school under John Strong in the 1920s. This picture taken in 1983 in the Shipton cricket pavilion. The first reunion had been in 1972 - see article in The Wychwood archives. Left standing Bob and Dorothy Brooks, Left seated Les Reed. Third from left seated John Longshaw (Drummer?), Sixth from left standing Leslie Longshaw and in front of him Bill Slatter. Others on the photo include Charlie Slatter, Alf Carpenter, Reg Brooks, Les, Cecil and Dennis Viner
Leslie Longshaw with his wife Winifred Spring 1988
Milton under Wychwood - The Green -Wychwood Scouts - looking towards Green Lane c.1948/9. Back: Raymond Timms, Colin Souch, Gordon Earley, Bob Bradley, Cliff Bridges, David Townsend. Front:Roger Rawlins,Gordon Smith,Roy Waine,Peter Rathbone,Terry Miles
Milton under Wychwood - The Green - Milton FC 2nd XI 1920-21. Sam Groves sixth from right in back row
Groves Employees Cricket Team around 1950 at Beckenham Kent. Back Row left to right Ivor Timms, P Bridges, G Rathbone, D Coombes, E Woods, G Tibbetts, A Carpenter, J Greenaway (Umpire) Front B Wiles, E Timms, D Miles, D Collier
Roger Rawlings on the left and Raymond Timms on the right in the late 1940s in Milton
The Green at Shipton from Packer postcard posted in Shipton 1931 to Sonny Longshaw. Note on the back says Alan Leach standing on the Green
Shipton hospital fete 1921. Two adults believed to be Harry Hedger and Eric Steed. Leslie Longshaw on right in pointed hat and holding a flag. Mary Barnes is blonde girl in pointed hat
Shipton fete 1920 with Tom Powell and Charles Duester
Shipton hospital fete carnival 1922. Includes George Bartlett, Henry Pittaway and Frank Wright but exact order not known
Ascott under Wychwood - oval portrait photograph Mrs Kinaig + 2
Ascott under Wychwood choir 1922 - Vicar C.E.Shackleton
Ascott under Wychwood - Doris Warner's Home
Ascott under Wychwood - post office showing Doris Warner at the door
Ascott under Wychwood - School group 1932 or 1933 from back row left Aubrey Keep - Eric Pratley - John Longshaw - George Cook (brother of Kath) - Jack Busby. Info from Jack Busby 15/01/1998. Boy in the middle - Powell. Girl second from the right - Nancy Honeybone - girl on the far right might be the sister of Aubrey?
Ascott under Wychwood school photo Harveys Harry's Class - 1955
Ascott under Wychwood group photo
Ascott under Wychwood. Elizabethan granary
Ascott under Wychwood. Warners and self propelling combine harvester
Wychwood Division of the St John Ambulance Brigade 1948 Back row left to right - Pte E Rawlins, Pte D Souch Pte R Beaney Pte K Miles Pte D E Miles Ptw S G Cripps Pte R J Edginton Pte F Greenaway Pte R W Brookes Pte B Miles Wychwood Division of the St John Ambulance Brigade 1948 Front Row- Div Cpl P Bridges Pte A Pearce Div Sgt W J Smith County Officer H Howard Div Supt W Beck Div Surgeon Dr G Scott Div H/Sgt H S Pratley Pte J H Wilkinson Pte W James
Milton under Wychwood - The Green -Wychwood Scouts - looking towards Green Lane c.1948/9. Back: Raymond Timms, Colin Souch, Gordon Earley, Bob Bradley, Cliff Bridges, David Townsend. Front:Roger Rawlins,Gordon Smith,Roy Waine,Peter Rathbone,Terry Miles
Postcard captioned- Ascott -u- Wychwood F.C. Winners of Wychwood League 1927-8 Back - R Farmer W Powell N Edgington A Shirley Middle -J Edgington G Hambage Front - M Shayler T Moss A Longshaw H Chandler
Shipton Court. Childrens fancy dress party; postcard addressed to Miss Thomson. Posted Charlbury
Shipton Court. Shipton Cricket Club. 1936. V Brooks. D Pittaway. E Hartley
Shipton Court. Shipton cricket team. National Village Championship Regional winners 1993 & 1994
Mr Leonard and person un-named at Four Winds Date: c.1939/1940
S (?) Groves and Ann Buckmaster. Possibly taken at Four Winds
Miss Morris of Lyneham taken in Church Road, Milton under Wychwood with Church Cottages in the background. John Rawlins recalls reading that she also had an accident on the A361 near the Sarsden Pillars in the 1930sDate: c. early 1900s
Vicar of Church Westcote, The Reverend & Mrs Thomas, his family and servants. Date: August 1918
Members of Shipton Women's Guild in Dr Parson's Garden - presumably dressed for a production. Back row (LtoR): Mrs Harris, Mrs Dee, Jean Walker, May Steed, Ivy Timms, Chris Turner, Flossie Santers, Edith Hedges, Annie Phipps, Corona Coombs. Front row (LtoR): Annie Kimber, Edith Dale, Sabina Falkner, Daisy Reed, Louie Santers, Mrs Andrews, Dolly Slatter. Date: c.1918-1919
Dee family taken from the back of Shipton Stores. From L to R: William H. Lane (father), Mary Dee (grandma), Adeline S. Lane (mother), Ellen Dee, Arthur Lane. Seated front (LtoR): Cyril Lane, Ronald Lane. Date: pre 1914
Leonard Barnes in uniform and was in active service in the Boer War 1900. He died in an accident in 1925 Date: c.1900
Martha Barnes (L), and Mrs Longshaw. Date: 1931 (?)
May Barnes. Date: 1931
Members of the Barnes family; (L to R) Horace, Martha, May and Leslie Barnes.Date 1931
Leslie Barnes in his Home Guard uniform. Date: 1943
Rev. Canon William Edward Dickson Carter; who was Vicar of Shipton (1852-1868) and later Rector of Sarsden (1868-1908). He was J.P. on the Bench of Chipping Norton and sentenced the Ascott Martyrs. His son, William Collingwood Carter, was Vicar of Shipton (1900-1917) Date: late 1800s
Lady Amelia Dickson of Shipton under Wychwood. Date: late 1800s
Henrietta and Elspeth Barter, daughters of Ellen Carter (nee Barter). Date: late 1800s
Bradley Family 50th Wedding Anniversary. Back Row (L to R): ?, Tom Turner, Fred Bradley, Reg Bradley (with '?'), George Bradley, '?', '?'. Front Row (L to R): Mrs Reg Bradley (nee Shepard, with '?'), '?', Mrs Tom Turner, Mr Bradley, Mrs Bradley, '?', '?', Mrs Fred Bradley Date: not known
Mrs Buntin, the Baker's mother, who lived at the house called 'Buntins' next door to 'Hunters Lodge'. Date: not known
Sir Oswald Mosley; pictured at The Shaven Crown, Shipton under Wychwood, whilst under house arrest. Date: 1943
Jubilee Lane, Milton under Wychwood. Mr A.T.Keen on his cycle Date: not known
Jubilee Lane, Milton under Wychwood. Mr Keen's grand-daughter on the old cycle decorated for the 1937 Coronation
The Watson Family of 'Bleak House' - Milton under Wychwood. (L to R) Col. Watson and Mrs Watson (+ child?) Date: 1920s
Watson family picnic; venue not known. (L to R) Mr. Turner, Miss Bone (?), Mrs Watson, son Paul, and Joseph Watson. Date: 1930s
Mrs Gosford (on left) and Miss Win Turner on holiday in Paignton. Mrs Gosford lived at The Nook" in The Square; Win Turner at "Cotswold". Date Early 1930s
Photo taken in the Orchard Garden of 'Bleak House' Left to Right: John Goldingham - nephew of the Batt family Ken Rawlins - gardener for the Batt family 1920s -1950s Cyril Bridgeman - 'helper' from Pear Tree Close; may have been paid. Later worked for Wessex Electricity Date: 1930s
Batt Family Wedding Group at 'Sunrise House' (formerly 'Bleak House') Left to Right: Miss Margaret Batt Mrs Alice Batt Mr Charles Batt Henriette - Dutch lady working as domestic at Sunrise House Gunther - a German P.O.W., the Groom Date: 1946/7
Mr Holborough (Snr.) of Upper Milton. Property sold in 2001 for £400,000. Photograph by Pickett of Witney. Date: 1920
Rebuilding The Old Bakehouse, Upper Milton. Mr Smith and Mr Fred Silman. Mr Smith, father of Amy (later Morrison) & Walker (m Vi Miles). Date: c1930
Lower Farm, Upper Milton. The cow shed with Charles Dore and children.
A fair held in a field at Lower Farm, Upper Milton, Milton under Wychwood. Mrs Pearce is seated on the 'gallopers' - centre. Mrs Alf Pearce (nee Mabel Miles). Date: 1911
Manor Farm, Upper Milton. L to R; Ernest, Thomas and Frank Hartley. Date: not known
'Lovegrove', Upper Milton, Milton under Wychwood. A row of cottages now made into one cottage and occupied by the Richards family from 1930s to 1980s. Date: possibly c.1905
Manor Farm, Upper Milton, Milton under Wychwood. Carter Wiggins and Jo Hedges in front of harvested mangolds. Date: not known
Manor Farm, Upper Milton, Milton under Wychwood. Jo Hedges on a mowing machine. Date: not known
Manor Farm, Upper Milton, Milton under Wychwood. Kath Cooper (then; Timms) on a tractor. Date: not known
Horace Burrus, who worked at Manor Farm, Upper Milton, being presented with a long service medal at The Royal Show by the Duke of Gloucester.
Mowing by Horse-drawn cutter; Manor Farm, Upper Milton, Milton under Wychwood. Name of farmworker not known. Date: not known
No detailed information about the men in the photograph except that it is amongst a collection related to the Hartley family.
Quarry men at Groves' Quarry Milton Downs. Back Row: 6th from left is Chris Miles; 2nd from right is Alexander George Miles (with pipe) Front Row: 1st left with peaked cap is Ben Pratley. Date: c.1900
Members of the Milton under Wychwood Band Date: c.1900-1908 Back Row: Frederick Charles Silman (last on the right - father of Gwen Morgan) Front Row (L to R): Ellis Groves; unknown; unknown; 'Puffer' Willis; unknown; James Alfred
Milton under Wychwood Orchestra Back Row (L to R): '?', '?', '?', Lucy Groves, Gilber Wiblin, Ellis Groves, Bertha Groves. Front Row (L to R): Miss E. Slater, Mr Berridge, Daisy Groves (Mrs Wiblin) Date: c.1900-1910
Boys from The Heath Back Row L to R: Ernie TimmsLionel Puddle Charlie Wilks. Front Row L to R: Dick Beaney Jack Wilks Photo taken by Joyce Hopkins Date: c.1940
School group.L to R: Roy Miles, Arthur Carpenter, Tom Barnes Date: Not known
Photograph of the Local Rechabites Group of Milton under Wychwood. (The Rechabites were a teetotal movement similar to the Temperance Movement.) Date: c.1910 Back L to R: Miss Slater, Mrs Wiblin (nee Groves, Mrs Slater, Mr & Mrs Willis, Mr Samuel Groves, Miss L. Groves, Rev'd and Mrs Davidson. Front L to R: Miss W. Slater, Miss E. Slater Mrs H. Day, Miss Groves.

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