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  • Editorial
  • The Origins of the Minster Church at Shipton under Wychwood: Human Burials from Prebendal House
  • The Groves Family of Milton: Cotswold Stonemasons for 400 Years
  • Death by Misadventure
  • Letters
  • Early Days at Shipton
  • Observations on Ridge and Furrow in Honeydale Field
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Henry Mills, Vicar of Shipton under Wychwood, 1593-1641
  • A Cottage on the Waste
  • The Milton under Wychwood Murder
  • From My Bookshelf
  • Death of a Schoolmaster
  • Other Publications in Print

Introduction to The Wychwoods Local History Society Journal No 7

We are particularly fortunate once again to be able to welcome a professional historian as a guest contributor to this edition of our journal. Dr John Blair has followed up one aspect of the study at Prebcndal House carried out four years ago by the Oxford Archaeological Unit, already reported in Wychwoods History no. 4. The dating of some of the human burials from the site now throws exciting new light on the early history of Shipton parish. The Society is grateful to the W.A.Pantin Trust for a generous grant which enabled the radiocarbon dating to be undertaken.

Norman Frost’s long-awaited history of the Groves family is the culmination of years of investigation and should provoke much interest both here and abroad. The first part appears in this edition with more to follow.

Mrs Dorothy Brookes, although no longer resident in Shipton, has written extensively about her childhood memories and later experiences, and we are very pleased to publish some of these.

It is particularly valuable to have the comments of Jim Pearse, a working farmer, on the ridge and furrow feature with which he is so familiar, while once again Tom McQuay brings his medical expertise to an analysis of parish records of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

In our second journal, Jack Howard-Drake wrote of William Master, a sixteenth-century vicar of Shipton. He now follows this up with fascinating glimpses of the life and times of Henry Mills, another, later vicar who was accused of obscenity in the church court by one of his parishioners. (The first part of our Chairman’s extensive researches on the business of the church courts of the period have just been published (1991) by Oxfordshire County Council, Dept. of Leisure and Arts, entitled Oxford Church Courts Depositions, 1542-1550.)

Joan Howard-Drake continues our ‘Bookshelf’ feature with a comprehensive survey of titles for anyone engaged in or contemplating research into family history. ‘A Cottage on the Waste’ is a short history of a house compiled from its deeds. Our locality abounds in interesting buildings from all periods; perhaps this article will inspire someone else to delve into their records and write us a similar account.

Margaret Ware

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