Digital Archive: Journal No 4

  • Foreword
  • Earthworks at Lower Farm, Upper Milton, Milton under Wychwood
  • Wychwood Park. Toronto. Canada
  • Practical Fieldwalking in the Evenlode Valley
  • Prebendal House. Shipton under Wychwood
  • Entertainment in Milton
  • Alfred Groves & Sons Ltd
  • My Father’s Days
  • Election in Shipton
  • Misunderstanding in Wychwood
  • A Wartime Wedding at Prebendal House

Introduction to The Wychwoods Local History Society Journal No 4

This fourth issue of Wychwoods History has a marked archaeological flavour with articles on a dig at the Prebendal House in Shipton, on a survey of a deserted medieval site in Milton and on the results of the Society’s fieldwalks in both villages.

We are most grateful to Brian Durham, who directed the dig, and to James Bond who directed the survey, not only for publishing their work in our journal, but also for giving our members the opportunity to learn something of archaeological and surveying techniques by taking part in the projects.

Brian Durham’s report was made to Dr N. Clarke who kindly gave permission for its publication here.

Frank and Margaret Ware, who organise the field walks, have acknowledged in their article the valuable expert advice they have had in identifying the many and varied artefacts which have been found.

We began another successful year with an exhibition in Milton village hall which attracted some 500 visitors and much favourable comment. In April we were hosts to the Spring Meeting of the Oxfordshire Local History Association, when the subject for the day was ‘Oxfordshire Stone’ and there was a visit to Taynton Quarry. In May, members of the Association of Local History Tutors, in conference in Oxford, visited us to hear or views as members of a local history society.

Our meetings continue to be well attended and individuals and groups are actively pursuing their various research interests. Two of our members, Sue Jourdan and Joan Howard-Drake, successfully completed the Oxford University External Studies Department certificate course in local history during the year. Sue’s dissertation was on the pattern of agriculture from 1800 to l860 Shipton and the surrounding villages, and Joan’s on the treatment of the poor in Shipton and Leafield between 1740 and 1762.

Another member, Mike Linfield. has been appointed co-ordinator of the Ryder/Cheshire Mission “Reminiscence Scheme” in the West Oxfordshire area and we are giving the project our full and active support. We plan to contribute to the aims of the scheme and at the same time to gather valuable historical material for our archives.

It is pleasing to be able to report on so much activity, but there is still a lot of interesting work to be done. I hope more and more members will decide to become actively involved.

Jack Howard-Drake
Chairman WLHS

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