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The Baptist Chapel, Leafield. The building has been converted to a domestic residence (1990s). The Wireless Station masts can just be seen in the distance. Date: not known
Potters Hill Farm (near Leafield) and Dennis's Grandfather. Date: not known (but reference on the back 48/49 could be 1948-1949)
Langley Farm south of Leafield. Built in 1858 but incorporating parts of the original Tudor hunting lodge belonging to Henry VII
Langley Farm. Farm incorporates part of hunting lodge of Henry VII. This is the royal insignia.
Fairspear House Leafield. Now the home of John Cochrane. Formerly the home of Farmer Calvert. Given by Mary Lockwood of the Ridings Leafield whose mother was in service there.
Chris Price, Harry and Will Harvey guarding Leafield Radio Station 1918