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Country dancing in the yard of Milton School 1956 or 1957
Milton under Wychwood High Street with Sid Smith driving cows to the smallholding further down the street - possibly top of Hawkes yard? Taken after 1953
Street scene opposite church probably 1940s or 1950s
Photograph of John Rawlins (centre) with his parents in the garden at "Sunnyside", Shipton Road, Milton under Wychwood. The trees on the horizon are those on the Shipton to Burford road. This view is no longer visible due to the building of houses, "Charnwood" and "Priors Haven", blocking the view. At the very bottom left of the photograph is a 'well head'. This has now been removed to accommodate a driveway for a car. Date: 1950
Ascott under Wychwood - pre 1950 village scene. Churchyard on left - Crown farm with Crown Farm Cottage and School House on the right
Ascott under Wychwood - group photo children with vicar - circa 1950s or 1960s
Frog Lane Milton under Wychwood. Frogmore House (1920-1930) - later Forest Lodge in the 1930s, and then Forest Gate from the 1950s
Frog Lane Milton under Wychwood. Displaced Persons Camp in the 1950s
Tractor and Reaper Binder. Estimated late 1940s, 1950s
Fair in Church Street Shipton 1959 Ladies from the left: Mrs Hall, Mrs Simms, Mrs Hopkins, Miss Moss, Mrs Siford and Phyllis Smith. Miss Moss lived in Rose Cottage in background (see deckchair). Mrs Siford was the mother of Phyllis Smith both lived in the house next to Miss Moss (now Kelcot)
Shipton School group about 1958. Desmond Townsend is directly below the teacher
United Woodworking Co Station Road Shipton. Phillip Hepden working on a device to raise bales onto a waggon pulled by a tractor to a design by Bob Griffin. Taken in 1950s
Stan Burson building council houses. From left: Stan Burson, Dave Dalton, Jack Townsend. John Rawlings estimates this was taken in 1940s/1950s because Dave Dalton came to Shipton during the Second World War
Stan Burson in his garden in retirement 1950s/1960s
Shipton young people waiting for the bus by the Green 1948 or 1949 From left to right Mary Hovard, Roy Maggs, Norman Duester, Godfrey Pittaway, Gordon Duester, David Dolton, Margaret Adams (Hackling), Nancy Watton
Fiddlers Hill showing tin tabernacle. Probably in the 1950s
Tractor replaces horses Court Farm Shipton c1959
Marilyn Watkins about 1953. Names on reverse given as Patrick Rawlins at back, Anne Forsythe, Esther Rawlins, Marilyn Watkins - all in John Rawlins' writing
Mrs Wells Milton with Marilyn Watkins and David Watkins about 1953
Shipton Primary School carol singing at Shaven Crown Christmas Eve 1956.The girl with plaits is Linda John daughter of the Headmaster. The man facing the camera is Graham Haway (?) who married Anne Richards, a teacher at the school.
Shipton Primary six a side team in Witney and District competition 1959 presumably with other sides. Fourth from right, back row are Desmond Townsend, Paul Viner, Jeff Arundell. Front from rightare Angus Morrison, Victor Barnes, Michael Cox
Class room scene 1962 at Shipton Primary School. Irene Saxby is looking at camera
Frog Lane Milton under Wychwood. Children not identified.Probably early 1950s
Frog Lane Milton under Wychwood. Lady not identified. Probably early 1950s
Frog Lane Milton under Wychwood - Displaced Persons Camp 1950s
Frog Lane Milton under Wychwood, probably displaced persons camp
Frog Lane Milton under Wychwood - Displaced Persons Camp
Frog Lane Milton under Wychwood - Displaced Persons Camp 1950s
Frog Lane Milton under Wychwood - 21st April 1958
Milton under Wychwood - The Green with Little Hill Farm in the background. Doug Green, Dennis Mansell, Bernard Hawcutt 1950s
Milton under Wychwood - The Green. Boys unidentified. Probably around 1950
Milton under Wychwood - The Green probably early 1950s
Thomas Longshaw born 1859 Shipton died Shipton 1921 and Alfred Longshaw born 1883 Shipton died London 1953
Groves Employees Cricket Team around 1950 at Beckenham Kent. Back Row left to right Ivor Timms, P Bridges, G Rathbone, D Coombes, E Woods, G Tibbetts, A Carpenter, J Greenaway (Umpire) Front B Wiles, E Timms, D Miles, D Collier
Ascott under Wychwood school photo Harveys Harry's Class - 1955