Visit to the Oxfordshire Museums Resource Centre: May 2023

The society recently arranged a fascinating visit to the Oxfordshire Museums Resource Centre, a large purpose-built, tent-like structure near Standlake. Here a group of society members were able to enjoy a couple of hours hosted by Christiane Jeuckens , who is the Collections Officer for the Oxfordshire Museums Service.

The Resource Centre is normally open to the public by appointment only, but WHLS members were given the opportunity to enjoy a special guided tour.

During the afternoon we learned about the role of the centre to preserve important artefacts, in the areas of archaeology and of social history. The centre houses 100,000+ items large and small, from Neolithic times to recent history. Just two examples we saw were the tombstone of Oxfordshire’s first named inhabitant (a retired Roman soldier ) and an early 18th century wooden blanket loom made from local timber.

Th group had a lively time wandering among the stacks, viewing pictures, photographs, farm implements large and small, domestic appliances, musical instruments, stone carvings. There was much indeed to take in.

The group was delighted to find that Christiane had lined up some particularly Wychwoods-relevant items for us to view, including the much-treasured Shipton Serpent, late of St. Mary’s Church but now housed in the Centre.

A facinating afternoon, and one well worth recommending to friends for a future group visit.

The Resource Centre: Website here