Shipton Post Office, 1908/10

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Shipton band congregating probably on Shipton Club Day on Church Street. Taken before the Shipton Post Office was refurbished in 1908. Gas Lane in the background

Shipton Post Office after refurbishment in 1908. Note damage to front right of neighbouring house where rendering has been removed

In this short space of time the front of the Shipton Post Office premises had been entirely rebuilt and modernised in the current style.

Shipton post office was started there in 1845 by Richard Cross, weaver, overseer and parish clerk. A letter addressed to Mr. Cross, Post Office, Shipton, Chipping Norton, Oxon’and dated 4 April 1845 suggests that it is the oldest sub-post office in the country.

It continued with his direct descendants until 1975. Miss Kate Coombes (later Mrs Wiggins) is standing on the left of the doorway with her mother and father, Elizabeth and Henry Coombes,

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