Vintage Transport and Deliveries

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Mayer’s delivery van, Milton, about 1905

]. H. Mayer’s shop and bakery is now (1985) the Midland Bank – the photograph is taken in the yard behind. The vehicle is a delivery version of an American Oldsmobile Curved Dash Runabout, a popular car at this time.

Fred Puffett, Milton, about 1930

Mr Puffett’s forge was in the High Street opposite what was then Poplar Farm, the buildings of which can be seen over the road. A lot of his work was for Groves – shoeing the horses, sharpening the masons’ tools and general smithy work. Bill Simms is sitting in the background.

Horwood’s delivery van, about 1912

William Horwood acquired the business from Mr Mayer and apparently reverted back to the horse-drawn delivery van. The photograph is again taken in the yard behind the shop. Tom Moss from Ascott is in the driver’s seat with William Horwood standing close by. Mrs Horwood is with their first two children, Peggy and Tom.

Hathaway’s shop, High Street, Shipton, 1930s

Originally Dee’s Stores, the shop was built in 1919 when Mr Dee moved from his premises opposite Shipton Lodge. The drapery section was upstairs with the groceries below. Deliveries were made to surrounding villages by Stanley Gorton, seen here with May Barnes and the Model A Ford van. The railings around the shop went in the war effort in 1940.

Milk delivery boy, 1900

This photograph was taken by Sidney Arundell whose son Graham still has the glass plate negative. The gardener at Shipton Court and the Court Pleasure Grounds and the postman below are also from the same collection. Nothing is known about this boy who was delivering milk from the farm, a popular job for young lads.

Peter Costiff, Shipton postman, 1900

The GPO records for Shipton start with the issue of a date stamp in July 1847 and a note about a messenger being required between Chipping Norton and Shipton two months later. This is Peter Costiff of Chipping Norton, postman from 1890-1900.

Christopher Miles, Milton postman, 1918

Christopher Miles, the Milton postman, is standing outside his home, the Corner House, opposite the post office. Mr Miles had a variety of jobs during his life – he also appears in the photograph of Groves quarrymen.

George Baughan, 1918

Mr Baughan, who also appears in two of the photographs taken at Shipton station, was a coal merchant. He used the donkey to travel to and from the station where his coal stocks were kept and with a cart behind he was able to deliver small quantities. The photograph is taken outside Cotham Cottage in the High Street, Milton, although Mr Baughan lived at Cotswold on the junction of Shipton Road and Frog Lane.

George Bradley’s lorry, 1931

George Bradley collected his first lorry from Ford’s Trafford Works in 1931. The 15 cwt Super-truck had many agricultural haulage uses including, with extended sides, the transport of livestock.

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