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Wychwood History, Number 21 (2006) £3.50 [ How to Buy ]

Reginald Tiddy; The Thomsons and the Walkers of Shipton Court; James Baggs and his Little Black Book; The Manor Courts of Ascott D’Oilly; Gordon and Jean Carpenter; Kelcot House; Gossip in Lyneham
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Wychwood History, Number 22 (2007) £3.50 [ How to Buy ]

Bruern Abbey 1147-1536; To the ‘Lee’ of the Walkers; William Smith, Clock maker of Milton under Wychwood; The Society’s Fieldwalk Programme – The Final Report, Part I; The Shipton Tillyards

Wychwood History, Number 23 (2008) £3.50 [ How to Buy ]

Defiant Women – The Ascott Martyrs; Joan and Ben Townsend and Albert (Bim) Champness; The Society’s Fieldwalk Programme – The Final Report, Part II; The Godfrey Case; The Little Girl from Salisbury Place; The St Michael’s Connection

Wychwood History, Number 24 (2009) £3.50  [ How to Buy ]

Shipton under Wychwood Churchwardens’ Accounts 1554-1696; A Portrait of John Rawlins; Intrepid Travellers – Three Wychwoods Women in the 1880s; St Michael’s – Another Connection; St Mary’s Church of England Primary School Shipton under Wychwood

Wychwood History, Number 25 (2010) £3.50 [ How to Buy ]

Coldstone, an Ascott Anomaly; The Silence of Three Shipton Church Bells Explained; The Manor of Shipton in 1289; Great Scotts; The Shaven Crown, Shipton; The Crown Inn Charity; Annunciation Relief at St Mary the Virgin, Shipton

Wychwood History, Number 26 (2011)

The Butler of Bruern; Remembering St Michael’s; Dr Gordon Scott Revisited – the Wychwoods Social Centre

Now out of print but available on this site. click here to read as a pdf

Wychwood History, Number 27 (2012) £3.50 [ How to Buy ]

Memories of Dees’ Stores; More Memories of Shipton by Dorothy Brookes; The Cross Papers; The Griffin Family of Bruern Grance and their Steam Engines; A Brief History of Bruern Abbey and the Great Fire at Bruern Abbey; What makes the WLHS tick

Wychwood History, Number 28 (2013) £3.50 [ How to Buy ]

The Old Beaconsfield Hall; Cow Cubbs and Dung Flakes; A Letter from Doctor Scott in 1956; A Wartime Serendipity; Emigrants From Milton to New Zealand; Images Emerging from the Archive View as PDF here

Wychwood History, Number 29 (2014) £3.50 [ How to Buy ]

Some of the Brookes Family of Shipton; What Price a Funeral; How to Keep your House Clean; Bruern Abbey 1935-1947; An Idyllic Life – Living by an old Oxfordshire Mill before and during the Second World War; Graham Cairns View as PDF here

Wychwood History, Number 30 (2015) £3.50 [ How to Buy ]

Brasenose Leases; “All Christians for Evermore”: the Ascott Village Charity; Apprentice Boys; A Study of the Vegetable Gardens in Shipton and Milton View as PDF here