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Wychwoods History, Number 1 (1985) £3.00 [ How to Buy ]

Hedge Survey of Milton and Shipton, Pt 1; Milton Graveyard Survey; Railway Timetable 1853; Cotham Cottage, Milton; Royal Manor of Sciptone in Domesday, Pt 1; A Curious Find in Shipton; Probate Inventory of William Hyatt, 1587. View as PDF here [ a scanned image of typeset pages ]

Wychwoods History; Number 2 (1986) £3.00 [ How to Buy ]

William Master, Vicar of Shipton 1564-91; A Milton Field, 1842-1985; Survey of Baptist Ground, Milton; Letters of Thomas and Hannah Groves; The Burford-Shipton Omnibus; Bones under the Pew; Royal Manor of Sciptone in Domesday, Pt 2; Hedge Survey, Pt 2. View as PDF here [ a scanned image of typeset pages ]

Wychwoods History, Number 3 (1987) £3.00 [ How to Buy ]

Published jointly with OUDES and edited by Kate Tiller. Milton & Shipton in the Nineteenth Century – Farming and community before 1850; Village government; Decade of change, the 1850s; Decade of decisions, the 1870s; Growing up 100 years ago; Life and work 1880-1914.

Wychwoods History, Number 4 (1988) £2.50 [ How to Buy ]

Earthworks at Lower Farm, Upper Milton (survey by James Bond); Fieldwalking in Evenlode Valley; Prebendal House, Shipton (excavation by Brian Durham); My Father’s Days; Wartime Wedding.

Wychwoods History, Number 5 (1989) £3.00 [ How to Buy ]

The Poor of Shipton 1740-62; Shipton Milestone; St Mary’s Church, Shipton; The Reade Chapel; Plague Tyme; Change in the Wychwoods, 1938-1988; Medieval Pottery Finds at St Mary’s School, Shipton.

Wychwoods History, Number 6 (1991) £3.00 [ How to Buy ]

The Untons; Leonard Boxe, Gentleman of Ascott; Infantile Mortality 1565-94; The Wharton Charity; Medieval Fishpond at Bruern Grange; Shipton School Log Book 1869-1905; Mary Moss; Life in Old Milton.

Wychwoods History, Number 7 (1992) £3.00 [ How to Buy ]

Origins of Shipton Minster Church; The Groves Family, Pt 1; Early Days at Shipton; Ridge & Furrow; Henry Mills, Shipton Vicar 1593-1641; Death by Misadventure; The Milton Murder; Cottage on the Waste.

Wychwoods History, Number 8 (1993) £3.00 [ How to Buy ]

Royal Observer Corps; Shipton; Base-born in Shipton; The Groves Family of Milton, Pt 2; Milton Church – Architect’s Plan; An Anglo-Saxon Charter for Shipton? Field- walking a Romano-British site above Shipton; Vital Statistics: Shipton Parish Registers.

Wychwoods History, Number 9 (1994) £3.00  [ How to Buy ]

The Medieval Lords of Shipton, Pt I; The De Clares; Shipton in 1662, a Hearth Tax Study; Possession is Nine Points of the Law; The Groves Family of Milton, Pt 3; Emigrants to America; Old Christmas Custom at Chadlington; Moss Families of Ascott; Book Reviews.

Wychwoods History; Number 10 (1995) £3.00 [ How to Buy ]

Jessie Hunt, Evacuee 1939-45; Shipton in 1662: Hearth Tax Study, Pt 2; Shipton Village Shops and Roundsmen; First Parish Council Elections; Smallpox; Puzzles over Shipton Prebend; What really happened at Shipton Court; The de Langleys: Medieval Foresters; George Quartermain of Ascott.