“Marking Time” to Record our History

Do you have any original documents in your files or attic storage boxes? Have you considered the history of your house? Why not do a little research and then write up your findings? This is the place on our website where we will be pleased to host your results.

We like to call this “Marking Time”.

Attending speaker evenings is pleasant, interesting and entertaining but an important part of our Constitution as a local history society is to record history. Some of our members have produced excellent examples of this and their results have been published for posterity in our forty years of Journals.

Examples have ranged from very erudite analyses of original ancient documents and wills to just a few sentences on a piece of Wychwood’s ephemera! An old council house rule book or an invitation found under a floor board can tell a real story. Other examples might include the account book of a Victorian village painter, or old letters and postcards.

And remember, you do not have to be a member to participate. Contributions are welcome from far and wide.

Please find out more, or simply send in your contribution to mail [at] wychwoodshistory.uk or use our contact us page

Please note that the WLHS is a non profit making society, serving the local community. All photographs/documents submitted to the society, unless otherwise directed, are preserved in the society’s archives and may be reproduced for non profit purposes such as magazine articles and papers.