Jessie Jones (1885-1945): Teacher with a Legacy

An article appears on the Oxfordshire History Centre blog, which will be of particular interest to those drawn to the history of Wychwood villages Idbury and Fifield.

The article highlights the work and times of village teacher Jessie Jones. She was Head Teacher at Idbury and Fifield village school in the 1920s and 1930s. A remarkable collection her papers, and schoolwork of the children, is held at Oxfordshire History Centre. These provide a vivid insight into her work.

“Miss Jones” as she (of course!) was known, encouraged her pupils to discover and record the history and traditions of their locality, and to study the countryside around it.

It was the inspiration of her grandfather’s country records and teaching devices which gave Jessie Jones the idea and motivation to make these historical surveys. This work began with the creation of a local field map and a nature study. It was extended over several years to include the mapping and the collection of artefacts and data relating to all aspects of the geography and history of the locality, together with details of village life.

The article describes this work in some depth, with illustrations, and is well worth a look. The article is here