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  • Foreword
  • Royal Observer Corps, Shipton
  • Base-born in Shipton
  • The Groves Family of Milton under Wychwood – Part 2
  • Milton Church – Architect’s Plan
  • An Anglo-Saxon Charter for Shipton?
  • Quotes
  • Fieldwalking a Romano-British Site above Shipton
  • Vital Statistics: Shipton Parish Registers
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Other Publications in Print

Introduction to The Wychwoods Local History Society Journal No 8

After nine years, Jack Howard-Drake has retired as chairman of the Society. We are most grateful for all his hard work in helping to establish a thriving and admirable society and for his witty and succinct votes of thanks at the many meetings he has chaired. He was determined that the Society should have a journal for recording members’ local history studies, and the high regard in which it is held is largely due to his guiding hand and eye. This job is now ably continued by Margaret Ware as editor.

This edition follows the previous pattern with articles by members reflecting the Society’s wide range of interests and activities.

One of the first projects undertaken by Joan and Jack Howard-Drake was the transcribing of Shipton’s registers. A small group of members has been working on these vital statistics under the leadership of Anthea Jones and the resulting report appears in this journal. Dr Jones has retired to Shipton from being Head of History and Director of Studies at Cheltenham Ladies College and her great expertise in local history has already been put to good use.

Tom McQuay has also used the registers for his article on the study of illegitimacy in Shipton parish.

Margaret and Frank Ware, who are now undertaking a certificate course in Archaeology at the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education at Rewley House, have described the Society’s fieldwalkng project at a local Romano-British site.

Norman Frost continues his account of the Groves family and the large part they have played in the history of Milton and John Rawlins writes about the local Royal Obser ver Corps and their role in the Second World War.

There are already two new projects under way. Dr Jones’ group are attempting to place in their houses the residents of Shipton listed in the Hearth Tax of 1662. The group would be grateful for access to any old deeds of Shipton properties. It is also good to report that Trudy Yates has started the time-consuming job of recording oral history, people’s memories of life in the past.

I am honoured to take over as chairman of the Society and trust that we will long continue our many successful and enjoyable activities.

Sue Jourdan

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