Ascott Village Charity Booklet: Village History and Things to Know

A publication funded by the Ascott Village Charity is available for download here, courtesy of the charity, and in the interests of highlighting the fascinating and varied history of the village.

Ascott Earl Castle Looking South East: photo Hamish Fenton

The booklet contains a variety of maps and images, highlighting features of the village from Neolithic times and the later Iron Age. It describes Saxon field systems and the Norman Age which saw the building of Ascott’s 12th Century Holy Trinity church. The village history continues with the founding of the Ascott Village Charity in 1480, and the booklet also covers medieval, Victorian and 20th Century events and personalities.

The booklet is a handy guide and is an inspiration to wander through the village and its surroundings and soak up its varied and deep past.

The booklet is available here as a PDF.

A Short History of Ascott-under-Wychwood
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